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Essex Men Most Likely to Seek Hair Loss Treatment


Essex Guy The Belgravia CentreA recent survey suggests that men living in Essex are most likely to seek treatment for hair loss than anywhere else in the country. The South East, London and the North West were next in the rankings, published in the Huffington Post.

Human hair is affected by a number of factors, some genetic, some lifestyle-related. It follows then that environmental factors that affect health will also have an impact on hair growth. So is there something unique about Essex that causes hair loss?

Hair styling habits

Thanks to ITV’s The Only Way is Essex programme, the county has become famous for the over-styled appearance of some of its residents. Hair dye, straighteners and colourings are all now indelibly linked with Essex for both men and women.

There is little evidence that hair dyes and other styling treatments cause hair loss, although they are known to weaken hair, making it prone to breakage. Hair extensions are known to cause a condition called Traction Alopecia, where hair follicles are stretched out of shape, preventing new hair growth.

In reality, all of these treatments are used across the country, suggesting that the Essex obsession with appearance is probably not directly related to hair loss.

Toxic metals

Certain metals are known to cause hair loss when ingested, such as lithium and selenium. In extreme cases of poisoning, the metals upset the hormonal balance and can even attack hair follicles in the scalp, causing excessive shedding and balding.

There is no evidence of any recent metal contaminations within the county, nor specific clusters of poisonings. It is therefore extremely unlikely that metal poisonings are to blame for hair loss in Essex.

Stress and hair loss

Could it be that Essex is the most stressful place to live in the country? Stress is thought to be a contributing factor to several hair loss conditions, particularly Telogen Effluvium. Exactly how stress influences hair loss is not known, but it is believed to be influenced by the hormone cortisol and its action on hair follicles.

Again there is no evidence of localised conditions which would cause life to be more stressful for Essex men and women.

Ultimately, hair loss is no more common in Essex than anywhere else in the UK, or the world for that matter. The only difference appears to be that men’s willingness to seek treatment for their condition is higher in the East than elsewhere in the country.

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