Eric Bana Knows Bald Is Not Beautiful in Hollywood

Eric Bana Bald for Star Trek

There are some men who embrace baldness but there are perhaps a few more that would like to turn back the clock and be able to keep hold of their former crowning glory. But it’s not quite that easy, even in Hollywood. Producers behind The Time Traveler’s Wife had to delay production on the movie until its romantic lead, Eric Bana, grew a decent crop of hair.

Bald may be beautiful in some parts of the world but it seems that a shiny pate is still only reserved for the villains and hardcore cops of Hollywood. Bana had gone bald to play the evil Romulan Nero in J.J Abram’s Star Trek movie, but needed some luscious locks for a re-shoot of a scene in the upcoming film The Time Traveler’s Wife, where Bana plays librarian time traveller Henry DeTamble.

Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams in The Time Travelers WifeAlthough filming had wound up, an additional scene had to be shot. Co-star Rachel McAdams, who plays the leading title, told Sci Fi Wire they had to wait for Bana’s hair to grow.

“Eric was the hold up. He had to shave his head for a different role... so we were waiting on Eric’s hair,” Rachel said. "We did an additional scene in the meadow, so we were also waiting on the meadow to look the way it did [the first time we shot]... Basically we were waiting on nature and Eric's hair."

Hair grows at a rate of about 1.2cm per month and unfortunately there’s no way to make it grow any faster. Hair supplements are often advertised as solutions, and while they can provide the follicles with much essential hair growth nutrients, they won’t increase the speed of growth and are unlikely to prevent hair loss.

Luckily the Aussie actor isn’t short of an active hair follicle and didn’t require wigs or hair loss treatments to score the role. Sean Connery wore a wig for most of his Bond days and Billy Zane sometimes wears them for his roles, but both these actors embrace baldness off-screen. Some stars, however, opt to maintain their hairline with clinically proven treatments and though they can take up to a year to see optimal results, some people see hair re-growth in three months.

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