England Footballers' Hair Prep For Russia 2018 World Cup

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Dressing room banter is a large part of professional football team bonding, and hair - or hair loss - can be an easy target.

England defender Fabian Delph and Spain midfielder David Silva may have been unaware of the cameos they made on Raheem Sterling's Instagram Stories in December 2017. Sharing snaps of the top of his Manchester City teammates' shaved heads, the forward captioned them 'Any one fancy a malteaser @fabian_delph' (sic) - 'or a boiled egg'.

England Footballers Hair cuts self confidence Justin Carr JustsCutsWhilst it can be a source of good-natured teasing, footballers' hair can also play a big part in their preparation rituals, with good hair helping them to feel more confident.

England footballers' barbers on haircut confidence

Daniel Johnson is a top stylist who cuts the hair of some of the world's most famous footballers, from Gareth Bale and Mario Balotelli to Wayne Rooney. He told the Telegraph in 2015 just how important a good, fresh haircut is to players' preparation, especially for big games.

Nine times out of ten I will see my clients the night before a game... At all the most important games and derbies, I’m there at the hotel behind the scenes to cut the lads’ hair just before the game. Confidence is a huge thing for any athlete and as soon as a player has had a haircut, they feel more upbeat and fresh and sharp,” he says.

Hair is like the ultimate accessory. It brings out the confidence in players. After a trim, everybody is in the mirror, buzzing, saying, ‘Look at my new trim.’ It’s like a competition. There is a battle over who has got the best haircut and it is great banter as well.

Justin Carr, billed by The Sun as 'the England Team's Unofficial Hairdresser', agrees: "I wouldn't know if it translates on the football pitch, but I do know when you get a haircut you get a sense of confidence". He cuts for international team clients including Dele Alli, Gary Cahill, Kyle Walker and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and says that the most in-demand men's hairstyle ahead of the Russia 2018 World Cup is a fade.

"Most footballers are coming to me asking for a clean fade. They want to look fresh and sharp. Back in the day, there were some more out-there haircuts. Today, it's about contemporary, nice, clean with maybe a splash of colour," the Hertfordshire-based barber told the tabloid, adding that most players now use Instagram to choose their latest look.

He also told the Irish Independent, "As long as it’s looking clean, there’s no hair left on the sides or around the ears, and everything is nice and neat and tidy. It’s just the fashion of England currently. We’re playing a big role in the hair industry right now. A lot of countries will be watching us over here and how we’re changing the hair industry.”

Hiding hair loss

In addition to looking clean, tidy and on-trend, a good fade haircut is also one of the best for concealing signs of Male Pattern Baldness.

By keeping the sides short, it creates the illusion of more volume on top - something that men with thinning hair can otherwise lack. It can be a stylish alternative to a shaven head for those who want to hide hair loss without going fully bald, though for some patterns of shedding, there aren't many hairstyles that can help.

Some men visit Belgravia because they would rather try to save the hair they have and look into clinically-proven ways of preventing baldness after tiring of the worry of constantly hiding their hairloss.

Many clients tell us the effect that the changes they have seen to their regrowth and hair density from following a bespoke male hair loss treatment course have made a huge impact on their self-confidence - and they're particularly thrilled when they get to choose a hairstyle they like, rather than one that covers their thinning! As Belgravia client Mr. G - pictured - succinctly says, "My confidence is back".

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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