End of Year Hair Loss Following Extreme Summer Diets

A noticeable phenomenon has been developing amongst enquiries received by the Belgravia team over the past month...

Significant numbers of both men and women have been asking what to do about hair loss they are noticing following one common issue: extreme diets and/or rapid weight loss over the Summer.

As we enter December, the more body-conscious Summer months ended approximately three months ago, making a perfect diagnostic fit with two key temporary hair loss conditions.

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Although generally more prevalent in women than men, in these particular circumstances the likely diagnosis is Telogen Effluvium in its regular or chronic form (known as Diffuse Thinning).

These temporary hairloss conditions can be triggered by stress to the system, including that caused by excessively over-exercising and nutritional deficiencies which can arise from unnecessarily restrictive or crash diets. When an unbalanced approach to fitness or weight loss veers into either, or both, of these territories, hair fall can be a sign from the body that all is not well. When it feels threatened in this way, the body diverts its resources into protecting critical functions, disrupting non-essential operations such as hair growth.

Should this happen, around 30 per cent of hair that would normally be actively growing can be shunted prematurely into the resting phase of the hair growth cycle when these conditions present. Both result in hair shedding from all over the scalp approximately three months after being prompted, and can last for up to six months in mild cases, with more extensive Chronic Telogen Effluvium lasting for a minimum of six months.

Although they can clear up naturally, often once the underlying spark has been dealt with, a visit to a hair specialist is often advisable. This is not only because there are Telogen Effluvium treatment options that can be explored, but also because these temporary conditions can lead to permanent hair loss in those with the relevant genetic predisposition.

Links to permanent hair loss conditions

Hair Loss Consultation Trichocheck at The Belgravia CentreWhere androgenetic and androgenic alopecia - more commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Hair Loss - are already active, these hereditary conditions can be exacerbated by either form of Telogen Effluvium. Where they are dormant, their premature onset may be set off following - or during - a bout of Telogen Effluvium or Diffuse Thinning.

These progressive conditions only affect the top of the scalp, with the areas being more well-defined in men - for instance, forming a receding hairline or a thinning crown - whilst women tend to experience more generalised thinning hair evenly affecting their vertex.

There are, however, clinically-proven hair loss treatments available to help with stabilising shedding, promoting regrowth and preventing baldness over time, for those affected. Additional appropriate hair growth supporting products may also be incorporated - from highly-targeted food supplements to low-level laser devices to stimulate the follicles - based on the individual's specific needs and medical profile.

Anyone who has recently become concerned about losing their hair after following a punishing dietary or exercise regime over the Summer should firstly try adjusting their routine to one that is healthy and balanced. Take professional advice from a trainer regarding effective workouts that can help you to see the results you want, without taking a negative toll on your health - or hair - for example. You could also speak to a nutritionist or your doctor for their input on healthy eating to ensure you are working towards your goals efficiently but aren't damaging your body.

Should increased levels of hair fall persist, a consultation with a dedicated specialist can provide an expert diagnosis and tailored recommendations for hair loss solutions, as well as peace of mind.

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