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Elvis Presley’s Hair Sold At Auction for £1,055 a Strand


How much would you be prepared to pay for hair? Studies have in the past reported that 47% of hair loss sufferers would spend their life savings to regain a full head of hair, but one person has spent £1,055 for just one strand from the famous locks of Elvis Presley. 

The strand of Elvis's hair that fetched £1,055 at auctionThe tiny snippet of hair, which  far exceeded its expected fetch of £250, came with a certificate of authenticity and was mounted in a frame alongside a photograph of the King of Rock and Roll. Staggering perhaps, but according to high street surveys, people are still spending between £432 and £480 a year on hair products that (arguably) aren’t packaged quite so appealingly.

The strand was supposedly clipped from Elvis’s head by his personal barber of more than 20 years, Homer Gill Gilleland, who used to dye the singer’s sandy-blonde hair black and keep the cuttings in a plastic bag. He later sold them as souvenirs and the auctioned strand was obtained in 2002 by Thomas B Morgan Jnr, a one-time employee at the sheriff’s office of Shelby County and Memphis, Tennessee, who apparently knew Elvis.

The jarful of Elvis's hair that sold for £70,000And if you missed out this time, don’t despair – in 2002, an online bidder paid a whopping £70,000 for a small jar of the King’s hair, so there’s speculation that it could now be re-sold, strand by strand.

Although if you’re more concerned about retaining ownership of your own hair, call 020 7730 6666 and arrange a consultation with one of the medical professionals at The Belgravia Centre – the UK’s leading hair loss centre. Or simply send an email if you’d like more information about the comprehensive and personalised hair loss treatment programmes available. It might not cost as much as you’d pay for a full head of Elvis’s hair, but you may be just as pleased with the results.

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