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Effective Hair Loss Treatment

So, let’s just get a grip on the whole area of hair loss treatment, an overview.

All sorts of things can make you lose your hair, but what Belgravia sees most often is male pattern baldness which is genetic. Hair loss treatment isn’t available on the NHS, so GPs aren’t particularly trained in it so usually you need a specialist hair loss clinic.

Start treatment early. The earlier you start, the better the results. The first sign is usually thinning hair, and in order to maintain as much hair as possible, it’s safest not to wait until you’ve lost a lot.

Many people try alternative hair loss therapies like supplements such as Provillus, Procerin or Nourkrin. The problem with that is they are not conclusively proven to work. Alternative therapies almost always want you to try them for months “while your body naturally readjusts”, so while you’re spending money and time on that, your hair loss is getting worse. Time is limited, so you can only try a few different ones that don’t work before your hair loss becomes irreversible. And there are lots of products out there.

You can have follicles transplanted from the back of your head to the top, but you’ll still need to use treatment to maintain the hair that is still growing naturally, so Belgravia advises surgery to be seen as a backup plan, to replace areas of hair loss that have gone too far to regrow hair from treatment. If you take a look at our hair loss photo-scans you’ll see that “too late for treatment” might actually be later than you think.

            Hair Loss Photos
                     Results like the ones above can be realistically expected from
                             the use of specially combined treatments for hair loss

Oh, and there are wigs and hairpieces – also known as ‘hair systems’ or ‘Strand-by-Strand‘.

There are three proven solutions for hair loss – Propecia, minoxidil and the HairMax Laser Comb. They are FDA approved… i.e. proven to prevent and reverse hair loss whilst being safe to use.

Most hair loss clinics tend to charge over the odds for treatment. There’s an old Punch joke which is a conversation between two GPs pre NHS that goes something like this: “So what did you treat Mr Smith for?” “£100” “No, I mean, what did he have?” “Oh, I see, £100”.

The Belgravia Centre is founded on the principle of offering the most effective hair loss treatments at the best possible price – just good, honest treatment that really works.

Then there’s the DIY feeling that the Internet gives you: “I have a medical condition, I’ll research it myself on the Internet”. When you do that, what do you see? In the world of hair loss, for every one article giving useful and accurate information there are a hundred quick-buck marketers ready to tell you about some new, unproven herbal mixture that absolutely definitely works.

Belgravia’s medically-trained hair loss specialists have trained, researched and practiced for years. Would you architect your own home? Do you still fix your own car? At the Belgravia Centre they have many thousands of hours of experience in treating hair loss. They know the best and most effective treatments.

And then there are your mates. Some of them might tell you to shave off your hair because they don’t know what you know. They don’t know about the treatments that work. They won’t believe it will work. They’re wrong. See for yourself. Check out the worlds largest online collection of hair growth photos, or Belgravia’s growing number of hair loss success stories. Or watch Belgravia’s hair loss video diaries – believed to be the best hair loss treatment results ever captured on video.

Hair Loss PharmacyYou can call 020 7730 6666 or message the centre if you have an enquiry or would like to arrange a free consultation with one of Belgravia’s hair loss specialists in Central London. Or if you can’t get that far, you can complete an on-line diagnostic form for Belgravia’s world-wide mail-order hair loss service.

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