Edinburgh Fringe Actress Went Bald During a "Crisis"

Actress Bridgette Markland has recently finished a run of her one-woman show of Faust InThe Box at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The 48-year-old German told the BBC that critics have referred to her as a “he” because she has a shaven head and a white-painted face in the show.

Actress Bridgette Markland Went Bald During a Personal CrisisThe performer explained that she chose to go bald when she shaved off her hair 19 years ago, at the age of 29, for “personal and artistic reasons” during a “crisis” with her boyfriend. Despite her mixed reviews at last month's Fringe, Markland has previously performed with the successful cabaret circus La Clique.

Although Markland says she decided to lose her hair during an emotional time, the actress now seems comfortable with her baldness. Hair can play a significant part in a woman’s identity. When celebrities such as Britney Spears and Sinead O’Connor have shaved their heads, there have been various opinions. Some say that it is a sign of emotional turmoil and a cry for help, while others say it is empowering and frees a woman from an obsession with image that is prevalent in today's media culture.

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