Drinking Green Tea is Not Helping My Thinning Hair

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Question:  Hii, Im drinking green tea of 5 cups daily it has been three months but my hairs are so thin and getting hair fall day by day. So what should I prevent hair loss.

Drinking Green Tea is Not Helping My Thinning HairAnswer: Hi, Pooja. Firstly you need to confirm the reason why you have thinning hair. There are a number of different hair loss conditions which can cause this to happen, however, none of them can be treated with green tea.

Whilst green tea is a good source of anti-oxidants and is thought to be beneficial to the health of your hair, as far as we are aware it has absolutely no proven effect on hair loss in humans; only one study showed a potential link with minimising hair loss, and that was in mice.

Once you have a diagnosis, it will be easier to tailor a personalised hair loss treatment plan to your individual requirements and condition. However, for most types of hair loss in women, daily applications of minoxidil applied straight to the scalp have been seen to produce significant regrowth results.

It is therefore likely your course will revolve around this key element and may also feature a range of hair growth boosters. A hair loss specialist will be able to recommend those which are most likely to benefit your specific needs and explain them too you during your consultation, whether you do this in person or online.

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