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Dr. Andrew Messenger on Hair Loss – Daily Mail


A great article was today published in the Daily Mail titled ‘Hair Loss: The Potions that Really Work’ and I thought it deserved a mention here. It’s a summary of a number of well-known treatments and unusually, the article has got it pretty much spot on. The Mail interviewed Dr. Andrew Messenger from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. I believe Dr. Messenger to be experienced in the treatment of hair loss because he has a broad knowledge of the treatments available and has provided some useful information.

Here are details of the ratings provided for each of the hair loss products reviewed. You can find more details by clicking on the story (above):

julian-jay-profol-bio-t-advanced-formula-shampooPhilip Kingsley PK4 Hair Soya Protein Capsules: 0/10

Minoxidil Hair Lotion: 8/10

AlpecinAlpecin Caffeine Shampoo: 1/10

Australian Gold Emu Oil: 0/10

propeciaJulian Jay Profol Bio T Advanced Formula Shampoo: 0/10

HairMax LaserComb: 6/10

lasercombPropecia / Finasteride: 10/10

Proto-col Trichologen ‘Saw Palmetto’ Supplement: 0/10

The products with a rating of above 5/10 are those that have undergone relevant clinical trials. An example of an insignificant trial is the one carried out by Australian Gold Emu Oil. Dr. Messenger says, “The trial they describe involving just 34 people [none of whom took a placebo, and with no independent verification] would not be accepted as evidence by anybody in the field. Just asking people if they think they have grown more hair is not good enough.” Unfortunately such clinical trials are carried out by a number of products that claim to be ‘clinically proven’.

The only clinically proven products for hair loss are Propecia, minoxidil and the HairMax LaserComb. Propecia and minoxidil have been licensed by both the MHRA in the UK and the FDA in the USA following large-scale clinical trials involving a number of regulations to ensure the trials were accurate. The LaserComb is ‘FDA Cleared’ in the USA and has also taken part in controlled clinical testing.

These three products make up the main part of most of Belgravia’s combination treatment courses for hair loss. Minoxidil is offered in different formulations produced by the Belgravia Pharmacy including an extra strength 12.5% cream and the HairMax LaserComb is offered free with most treatment courses when 12 months is paid in advance.

To get an idea of the kind of results hair loss sufferers see from the use of an effective treatment programme you can view our Success Stories Blog. It is updated on almost a daily basis and contains comments written by happy Belgravia clients in our comments book, found on the clinic’s reception and ‘before and during treatment’ hair growth photos which are taken of every treatment course user that visits the clinic.

Hair Loss Before After Photo

Belgravia’s treatment courses are available through visiting the centre for a free consultation or alternatively completing our online diagnostic form for a home-use hair loss treatment course. If there is anything at all we can help you with please give us a call or message the centre.


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Hair Loss

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hair loss

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