fbpx Donald Trump’s Comb-over Fails to Hide his Hair Loss
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Donald Trump’s Comb-over Fails to Hide his Hair Loss


Donald Trump Comb OverThe American business magnate Donald Trump was left vulnerable before an appearance on the American programme Late Show with David Letterman. Trump arrived outside the studio and greeted the well-wishers waiting for him, only for a gust of wind to mock his unique comb over and reveal the considerable hairloss underneath.

Mr Trump’s hair was rearranged before filming once he reached the sanctuary of the studio. The magnate prefers his comb over – a hairstyle in which the hair on one side of the head is grown longer and brushed over the bald part of the scalp – to other treatments, and the hairstyle has become part of the identity that has made Trump an international figure.

Mr. Trump’s hairloss is a typical example of male pattern baldness, which can be treated when a comb-over is not considered a desirable look.

At the Belgravia Centre, male hair loss is stabilised and then lessened through a range of comprehensive hair loss treatment options that are fine-tuned for each individual hair loss sufferer. Extensive close monitoring and after-care services are provided by the Belgravia Centre’s expert team of hair loss experts, while our unique hair growth boosters and bespoke formulations of treatments – made in our own licensed pharmacy – consistently achieve great results. Mr. Trump, if you’re reading, do take a look at our success stories. The comb-over is not the only answer!

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