Donald Trump Says He Tries "Like Hell" To Hide Hair Loss

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When it comes to the divisive American President Donald Trump, it seems there's one truth that's universally acknowledged: the man has strange hair.

After revelations that his daughter, Ivanka, jokes to friends about how her father achieves his unique hair colour and style following the flap surgery he is said to have undergone in an attempt to curb his hair loss, the controversial POTUS has largely remained uncharacteristically quiet.

To date he has simply maintained that his hair is his own - often inviting people to touch it at rallies. However, at the February 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, the 71 year old admitted he tries "like hell" to hide his Male Pattern Baldness.

"I work hard at it"

CNN footage - which can be seen below - shows the President catching a glimpse of himself on a big screen at the event, then going off script and telling the crowd about his hairloss.

"By the way, what a nice picture that is," Trump told the GOP supporters, motioning to his own image. "Look at that. I'd love to watch that guy speak."

"Oh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks," the infamously coiffed Republican admitted, referring to his thinning crown.

"I work hard at it. It doesn't look bad," he opined before coming to the confusing, tangenital conclusion: "Hey, we are hanging in, we are hanging in, we are hanging in there. Together, we are hanging in."

Whether the 'we' in question refers to Donald Trump and his thinning hair, or President 45 and his supporters was unclear.

Regrowing hair on a thinning crown

Though Donald Trump's hair loss is arguably a lost cause given his age and the extent of the shedding - Ivanka is said to have referred to his scalp under the carefully constructed hairstyle as a 'completely bald pate' - there are clinically-proven medications available to treat a thinning crown. When the hair follicles are still active, even if they are producing thin hairs, these MHRA-licensed and FDA approved drugs can be a viable option for men looking to stabilise hair fall, promote regrowth and prevent baldness without resorting to surgery.

The Donald's personal physician, Harold Bornstein, told the New York Times his patient uses one of these - a one-a-day tablet designed to inhibit the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone which causes hair thinning in genetically predisposed individuals - though how effective this is for him is unknown. It may simply help the former TV presenter to hang on to the hair has by reducing the amount of DHT in his bloodstream. The other, topical, medication is not suitable for men of the President's age.

Anyone worried about losing their hair who is considering hair loss treatment should consult a specialist who can discuss with them their most suitable options as well as supplementary any hair growth supporting products which may be beneficial for them.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss