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Donald Trump & Michael Douglas: Hair Hits Big Screen in Wall Street 2

Donald Trump’s hair has been the subject of gossip columns and TV chat shows for years but now it hits the big screen as the business supremo is making a cameo appearance in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. Currently being filmed in New York, the sequel is set 20 years after the original as Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) is released from prison. Charlie Sheen also makes a return as Bud Fox in the film which should be out next April. The Daily Mail speculated that Trump and Douglas, could be brothers with their “combed-back graying hair, matching scowls, smart suits and overcoats”. While the clothes and facial expressions are similar, some might dispute the hair.

Michael Douglas with His Father Kirk Douglas. It Seems That The Douglas Family Is Not Genetically Predisposed to Male Pattern Hair Loss.At 65, Douglas, who won an Oscar for his role as Gekko in the original film, has hair that looks remarkably good for his age. Senior hair loss specialist at the Belgravia Centre, Leonora Doclis, says that Douglas’s strong, thick, natural-looking hair could be a result of using non-surgical hair loss treatments but thinks it is more likely that the actor just has a fortunate set of genes: “Look at his father (actor Kirk Douglas), he has such thick hair for his age (92). Michael’s son as well (Cameron, 30), the one that went to prison, has more hair than sense. This means that they do not seem to be affected by DHT (the hormone that causes genetic hair loss) at all.”

Trump, on the other hand, seems to have suffered some degree of hair loss but has managed to perfect the ‘forward comb-over’ to hide his bald patches. Hair surgeons have said his unique look is the result of early hair transplant methods such as Scalp Reduction which was popular in the 1980s. Dr. William Rassman, a hair surgeon from the USA, says, “As I understand it, Donald Trump was a victim of the old hair transplant process starting in the 1980s. The quality of the work most probably resulted in the pluggy look, and he possibly had scalp reductions. Between the two, he might have little donor hair left. There may be significant scarring as well if he had many procedures in the ‘old days’.”

Michael Douglas & Donald Trump on the Set of Wall Street 2. Trump Says His Hair is 100% His Own. Experts Say He is Likely to Have Had a Hair Transplant.With regards to how many scalp reduction procedures a person can have, Doclis says that the maximum is three or four as the skin can no longer be stretched above that number. “Some people can only have two and find that they are unable to have any more operations,” says Doclis, “Donald may have had all the procedures he can have and so has resorted to clever hair styling.” Doclis points out that anyone who has had a transplant needs to use medications (hair loss treatments) to maintain the rest of the hair: “If they don’t use medications, they will continue to lose hair around the transplant. Donald has access to the best known hair experts so he must realise, even if a little late, the importance of taking medications. Without medications, the hair will look disjointed even if the surgery was of the highest quality.”

However the business magnate would never admit to any flaw in his appearance. In the past Trump, who is currently on TV screens in Apprentice USA, has defended his hairstyle, saying “It’s not terrible”. Trump’s book, ‘Trump: How To Get Rich’ (2004), has a chapter called ‘The Art of the Hair’ in which he states, “For the record, I do not wear a rug. My hair is 100% mine.” He also informs the reader that, “The reason my hair looks so neat all the time is because I don’t have to deal with the elements very often.” The billionaire explains that he lives in the building where he works and takes a lift from his bedroom to his office. “The rest of the time, I’m either in my stretch limousine, my private jet, my helicopter, or my private club in Palm Beach, Florida.” Trump almost makes his hair seem part of his success and highly desirable as he writes, “It’s possible that I could rethink my look for the second season of The Apprentice, but probably not – it seems to be working!”

Donald Trump on a Talk Show Talking About His Hair. Trump Says His Hair is 100% His & He Does Not Wear a Hairpiece.Many people don’t realise that hair growth can be maintained by using a non-surgical treatment course based around one or two products. Minoxidil and Propecia are the only treatments from a range of hair loss products that have undergone clinical trials and been found to be effective. Minoxidil is a topical agent and Propecia is a tablet. They bring about the best results when tailored to the individual and used alongside the correct hair growth boosters. The Belgravia Centre has been treating Male Pattern Hair Loss successfully for many years. To see the kind of results these men have achieved, take a look at the large collection of Hair Loss Success Stories.

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