Donald Trump ‘Baldness’ Exposed On Windy Plane Trip

Posted by Mike Peake

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If there is one thing that can rival the column inches that US President Donald Trump has amassed over his stance on immigration or his thoughts on North Korea, it is the amount of media attention he has garnered for his so-called hair loss.

Most recently, the press took delight in a video that emerged of the POTUS in which his famously wild hairstyle took a beating as he climbed the steps to board Air Force One. Battered by wind, the Presidential locks appeared to part to reveal a vast tranche of bald head underneath.

Some sectors of the media seemed to think that this was conclusive proof that Trump wears a wig. However, there could be another explanation.

Revelations about hair

What's first worth remembering is that we already know several facts about the President's hair. As recently revealed in the new book Fire And Fury, his daughter Ivanka regularly regales her friends with stories of a scalp reduction operation that her father had 20 or 30 years ago - something which first became public knowledge during the divorce proceedings from Ivanka's mother, Ivana. In simple terms, a slice of scalp is stretched over a bald patch so that a new, more flattering, look can be achieved. On top of this, Trump's doctor, Harold Bornstein, revealed in the New York Times that Trump uses the clinically-proven and MHRA licensed (UK), FDA-approved (USA) hair loss drug finasteride 1mg.

But it is perhaps revelations made about how Trump supposedly colours his hair also reported in Fire And Fury that are most pertinent here. He apparently uses a hair dye named Just For Men but he allegedly does not have the patience to leave it on long enough for the tones to develop properly. This results in an odd shade and patchy colour distribution, and upon closer examination of the video of Trump boarding Air Force One, it may well be that as his hair flaps to one side in the wind, we get a glimpse of the lighter, relatively undyed, white hair underneath.

Given that the eye expects to see pale skin on the scalp (a look at Trump's relatively white neck is a clear indication that his rather orange face is the result of some kind of tanning treatment, so his scalp would naturally be much paler), it could easily be that this glimpse of white hair looks like a large bald patch.

Furthermore, the genetic condition Male Pattern Baldness does not normally extend to the back of the head, which is where the "baldness" in the video is most evident. As millions of men around the world will attest, it is something that blights the crown, the top of the head and hairline. While the hair on Trump's head does seem thinner in places, this could be put down to the fact that he is now 71 years old; as a general rule, everyone's hair thins with old-age. Additionally, the rigours of stress and the notoriously bad diet of junk food that he eats mean that the President is unlikely to be giving his scalp the key nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth.

Hair loss can be treated

Genetic hair thinning can be addressed with a male pattern hair loss treatment course, which is usually based around one or both of the only two clinically-proven drugs for androgenetic alopecia the aforementioned finasteride 1mg, and high strength minoxidil. Furthermore, these can be augmented with additional non-pharmaceutical hair growth supporting products which are include a range of innovations designed to nourish the follicles and stimulate them.

It is worth noting, though, that pharmaceutical treatment is not normally recommended once men pass 65 70 years of age, depending on which approach is taken.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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