Does Wearing a Turban Cause Hair Loss?'

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Question: I wear a turban and have started to lose my hair around my hairline - could wearing a turban make my hair loss?

Wearing a Turban Can Cause Hair LossAnswer: Hello Amit. There are indeed links between frequently worn, tightly-tied turbans and hair loss

Any head adornments, including wigs and hairpieces as well as turbans, that place constant, excessive tension on the hair follicles can lead to a condition called Traction Alopecia.

The stress of this tension stretches the hair follicles which leads to hair loss. This is generally centred around the hairline and temples, as these areas bear the brunt of the pulling pressure, and may well be why you are losing hair in these areas.

Treatment for Traction Alopecia is available but in order for this to be truly effective, it would mean taking a break from your turban if at all possible, or trying to find a different style or method of tying it which isn't as damaging to the hair. The reason for this is to give your hair follicles a rest and allow them to recover properly so that treatment - generally a topical application of high strength minoxidil combined with hair growth boosters - has a better chance of producing regrowth.

Another potential reason for your receding hairline - and one which is extremely likely given it is the most common cause of hair loss in the world - is male pattern baldness.

The best thing to do would be to have a hair loss specialist assess you so that they can advise as to the most suitable, tailor-made treatment course for your needs once they have diagnosed the precise cause of your shedding.

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