Does Using a Scalp Scrub Help Hair Loss?'

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Question: Hi, my hair is thinning and I wondered if scalp scrubs could help either with or instead of using hair loss treatment?

Answer: Hi, Suki. We would definitely advise against using a scalp scrub, especially if you have thinning hair.

The reason for this is that the scrubbing action can be too rough and may damage the hair, especially if it is already weakened, either by female pattern hair loss or through breakage.

Hair loss cannot be treated by hair care products; these can often help to improve the condition of the hair but they will do nothing for a hair loss condition. The action of temporarily increasing blood flow to the scalp - whether by scalp scrub or massage - can feel good but may potentially encourage further shedding, especially in the case of genetic hair loss.

The DHT in the bloodstream, which both men and women with pattern hair loss have an inherited sensitivity towards, is what causes hair thinning and the miniaturisation process. Therefore, if the blood flow circulation is encouraged around the top of the scalp - the area affected by androgenetic alopecia - this will ensure the DHT circulates with it.

If you are concerned about hair thinning we would recommend having an assessment with a specialist who can provide you with a professional diagnosis and talk you through the options for tackling this. There are effective women's hair loss treatment plans available and, here at Belgravia we have had many success stories from clients using suggested formulations of high strength minoxidil as the cornerstone of their course.

If you are looking for other elements to add in to your course a specialist can advise which hair growth boosters would be appropriate for you, from food supplements to help encourage normal hair growth, to handheld home-use laser therapy devices such as the LaserComb. The first step, however, is to determine precisely what is causing the issue before deciding the best way in which to help your hair back to its optimum health.

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