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Q&A: Does the Use of Shampoo Increase Hair Loss?

Regular Use of Shampoo Does Not Increase the Rate of Hair LossName: Arjun

Question: Does the use of shampoo increase the rate of hair loss?

Answer: No, the use of shampoo does not increase the rate of hair loss. The fact is that you lose hair whether you shampoo or not and whether you shampoo once a week or daily, you lose the same total amount of hair at the end of the week. The less you shampoo the more the hair that you lose when you do come to wash your hair.

A shampoo is a detergent designed for the hair; they are formulated to be compatible with our scalps in the same way that soaps and shower gels are made to be compatible with our skin. The role of shampoo is to lift off the excess oil and dirt in the hair and scalp and to leave the hair soft and shiny.  Cosmetic companies test shampoo products thoroughly to ensure their safety and efficacy.

If you are suffering from excessive hair loss, contact the Belgravia Centre so we can diagnose the condition. The majority of men will suffer from male pattern baldness at some stage in their lives. It often starts when a man is in his twenties or thirties. The earlier the condition is treated, the better the results that can be achieved.

There are a range of hair loss products available but only two have been proven to work for hair loss in men. MINOXIDIL and PROPECIA have been clinically tested and produce optimum results when tailored to the individual’s hair loss condition and combined with Hair Growth Boosters, designed to increase the response to treatment. Examples of the success our clients have achieved can be seen by viewing our hair loss success stories.

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