fbpx Does the DIY hair count test work for women?
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Does the DIY hair count test work for women?


woman hair countName: Caz

Question: Hi, I am female and I have long thick dark hair. I performed the 60 second hair count test and counted way more hairs (78) than what your article states when performed on men. Is this test applicable to women? Should I be concerned? Does the shed count differ for women?

Answer: The DIY hair count test was developed for men and is not necessarily applicable to assessing hair loss in women. However, it can be used as a rough indicator. You should consult a professional and have your hair growth examined if you think that you might be experiencing hair loss. You may well have diffuse hair loss or possibly female pattern hair loss. In terms of treating your hair loss, minoxidil is the only proven medication available to women, and depending on the type and extent of your loss a hair loss specialist can prescribe the ideal daily dosage for you, up to a high strength minoxidil cream for stubborn thinning.


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