Does The Belgravia Centre Offer Hair Spa Services?'

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Name: Sheridan

Question: I know The Belgravia Centre is a hair loss clinic but do you also do head spa services like massages and hair treatments?

Answer: Hi, Sheridan. Our hair loss clinics do not offer cosmetic spa treatments - the type you would get in a hairdressers, for example - however, we do offer our clients tailored clinical therapy treatments.

These are relaxing, spa-like therapeutic sessions which are tailored to each individual patient's needs and are considered adjunctive to the pharmaceutical elements of their bespoke hair loss treatment course.

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They sit in the same category as the range of hair growth supporting products that is offered to all Belgravia clients, although clinical therapy sessions also comprise elements of scalp care.

Each appointment is carried out by a dedicated clinical therapist and features a selection of specially-formulated scalp and hair care treatments, therapies - such as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) and infra-red or UV light therapy - to promote normal healthy hair growth, steaming and relaxing-yet-stimulating scalp massages.

Not every type of treatment or therapy - including head massages - will be suitable for each patient, so a bespoke session based on the specific needs of every individual - including hair loss condition, medical profile and hair type - is crucial.

We are aware of some 'head spa' or 'hair spa' services, often provided by hairdressers, and which offer advice on caring for your hair type, alongside conditioning hair treatments.

At Belgravia, advice on hair loss and hair care is provided to each client as standard both during their initial consultation and at all check-ups, where appropriate. Patients are also able to contact their personal Treatment Advisor at any time throughout their course if they have any questions regarding their hair or products.

Conditioning hair treatments carried out in-clinic are a basic element to our clinical therapy sessions which are included in some courses or can be added on to others, as and when required. This can be arranged by our Treatment Advisors (each client is appointed a dedicated advisor upon starting their course).

Usually we recommend they take place once per quarter, so every three months, but the frequency is fairly fluid and largely dictated by the client's wishes. For example, if someone is experiencing a scalp condition such as psoriasisor seborrhoeic dermatitis, more frequent sessions - monthly, fortnightly or even weekly - may be needed, particularly during flare-ups.

At-home hair treatments - both in terms of hair care, scalp care and hair loss treatments - are available following a consultation, either in person or online for those based outside London or abroad. In addition to recommended custom hair loss solutions, a hair specialist will also suggest appropriateshampoo and conditioner formulas based on their findings.

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