Does Standing on Your Head Prevent Baldness?

Yoga aficionados frequently assert that performing a headstand prevents hair loss, as it increases the blood flow to the scalp. Sadly, this is just an urban myth; although good blood circulation to the hair follicles is necessary for healthy hair growth, this is just one piece of the puzzle and will not in itself prevent baldness.

Certainly yoga can be helpful in reducing stress, which can be a factor that contributes to hair loss.

Headstand YogaYoga practice

The yogic headstand or ‘salamba sirsasana’ should only be performed as part of regular yoga practice, and must be taught by an experienced instructor, as executing it incorrectly can lead to neck injuries and headaches.

When performed correctly, it is known as the ‘king of asanas’ because of its beneficial effect on body alignment and circulation.

The posture can be held for around ten minutes, but should not be performed if you have high blood pressure or eye problems. Some people may find the shoulder stand to be an easier position that conveys many of the same benefits.

Daily headstands, then, may be good for the circulation and general health, but it is important to recognise that hair loss may have many different causes.


Common causes of hair loss

The most common cause in men is male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia, which manifests as the classic ‘bald spot’ on the top of the head, leaving hair still growing at the sides and back. This is a hereditary condition, caused by the action of male hormones on genetically programmed hair follicles. Within these follicles, testosterone is converted into the androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which inhibits the growth of new hair cells and causes follicles to shrink with each growth cycle.

Other causes of hair loss may include telogen effluvium, a women’s hair loss condition often triggered by hormonal changes or sudden stressful events; alopecia areata, characterised by sudden patchy hair loss with various underlying causes; scalp problems; or medical issues such as diabetes, anaemia and thyroid problems.

The specialists at the Belgravia Centre are experienced in diagnosing and treating hair loss and scalp problems. Most hair loss conditions do not improve without treatment and are likely to get worse, so seeking timely professional support is advisable. Our comprehensive hair loss treatment is based around clinically proven primary medications, along with various hair growth boosters and close trichological monitoring. You can look at our ‘before and during treatment’ photo scans to see how we have helped to stabilise hair loss and promote regrowth for clients suffering from a range of hair loss conditions.






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