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Does Procerin Decrease Sex Drive?

Does Procerin Decrease Sex Drive?Name: Binoy

Question: Will Procerin act directly against testosterone and decrease my sex drive?

Answer: Procerin is a natural supplement containing a blend saw palmetto, nettles, zinc sulphate, vitamin B6, gotu kola, magnesium and azelaic acid.

Natural and herbal supplements are quite often presumed as safe solutions to a variety of conditions and ailments but they are not always without side effects.

It is unlikely that you will experience a lowered libido with Procerin but it can cause mild stomach discomfort and men with sensitive skin are advised to use the topical lotion only once a day for the first week.

Procerin claims to block DHT (dihydrotestosterone) without interacting with testosterone, however this has not been convincingly proven and there is no conclusive evidence to suggest it will work to control hair loss.

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