Does Minoxidil Cause Skin Ageing?'

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Question: I have read that minoxidil has to be used continuously for the remainder of ones life to retain any hair growth and that it has an aging affect on the face. Is this correct?

Answer: Hi, Sharon. How long you use minoxidil for depends on the hair loss condition for thinning hair from female pattern hair loss then yes, the treatment is on-going as the condition is permanent. For temporary conditions such as telogen effluvium or diffuse thinning, and also in many cases of alopecia areata, once the hair has regrown treatment may be stopped. Your dedicated advisors will be able to advise you as to when it is suitable to stop using your treatments.

When you are first provided with your hair loss treatment course, with the particular formulation of high strength minoxidil that your Belgravia specialist has recommended for your condition, level and pattern of shedding, you will be shown how to apply it. It is important to follow these instructions so that it is only applied directly where it is needed on the scalp. A refresher demonstration or instructions can be provided at any time on request, simply let your treatment advisor know and they can arrange this for you.

There are no new studies available regarding whether or not minoxidil causes signs of skin ageing, however, there was a report published in the British Journal of Dermatology in 2004 which said that, whilst it may be possible for the production of collagen one of the proteins that helps the skin to retain elasticity to be inhibited by minoxidil, it is in no way a common occurrence.

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