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‘Does Menthol Shampoo Treat Hair Loss?’


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Name: Pietr

Question: Does menthol shampoo treat hair loss? It feels like it’s doing good things! I think menthol cures thinning hairs too?

Man Washing HairAnswer: Hi, Pietr. No, menthol shampoo does not treat hair loss.

It has beneficial circulation-boosting properties which can help to maintain healthy hair, but its action is not good enough to treat hair loss conditions. The lively, tingling sensation you get when you use a menthol shampoo or haircare product is due to this energising effect on the scalp.

Specially prepared menthol treatments – not menthol shampoos – are used during part of Belgravia’s clinical therapy sessions alongside many other treatments including massage, steam, LLLT and infra-red. This is for the circulatory and therapeutic benefits.

Menthol cannot treat male pattern baldness; it does not address the formation of DHT which causes the gradual thinning and hair fall in cases of genetic hair loss. It is best thought of as an ‘adjunct’ or hair growth supporting product‘ that can be used alongside clinically-established treatments to help maintain hair and scalp health.

There are only two proven male pattern hair loss treatments and to find out more about these and which may be best suited to your specific situation, a consultation with a hair specialist is recommended.

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