Does Lack of Extra Hair Thinning Mean Minoxidil Is Not Working?'

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Question: Hi. I’ve been using minoxidil 5% foam for 3 weeks. What I want to know is it says you can experience more hair loss to begin with and that it’s a positive sign. I am not experiencing more than normal amount of shedding. Does this mean that this won’t work for me? Thank you, Sarah.

Answer: Hi, Sarah. As you are not a Belgravia client we would recommend you speak to your minoxidil provider for personalised hair loss advice. However, what we can tell you on a general note is that, firstly, although it is common, not everyone experiences extra shedding after starting minoxidil. Also - for those who do - it can take longer than three weeks for this to start happening.

It does not necessarily mean that your minoxidil foam will not work as, generally, it will take at least three-to-six months, depending on how advanced the hair thinning when treatment was started, in order to tell whether or not it is having the desired effect. If after that time you still see no changes, we recommend getting a second opinion as it may be that you are better suited to a different formulation.

At Belgravia we often recommend combining a recommended high strength minoxidil formulations alongside appropriate hair growth boosters to women experiencing hairloss. Relevant products can be tailored into a custom hair loss treatment course designed to address the individual's specific needs, for a highly-targeted and personalised approach. If you find that you are not seeing the improvements you were hoping for from your current treatment at the three-to-four month mark, one of our hair loss specialists would be happy to give you their opinion. Simply book in for a free consultation at one of our Central London hair loss clinics or, if you are based elsewhere in the UK or abroad, just complete the online consultation form on our website.

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