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Does Iron Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?


Iron deficiency has been associated with dull and thinning hair in women of childbearing age who deplete their iron stores each month through their periods. A review of the evidence in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (Trost et al, 2006) suggests that treatment for hair loss may be enhanced if iron deficiency is addressed.

Women can ensure their iron intake is adequate by eating iron-rich foods such as red meat, seafood, pulses, dried fruit, fortified breakfast cereals and green vegetables. Vegetarians and endurance athletes are at greater risk of shortfall. Vitamin C helps with absorption, and many multivitamin and multimineral supplements will contain both at the recommended daily amount; or you can drink a glass of orange juice when you eat foods that contain iron.

However, in the absence of clinically diagnosed iron-deficiency anaemia, iron supplementation at high levels carries the risk of chronic disease, and should not be undertaken without medical supervision.

Female hair loss has many potential causes, ranging from genetic to hormonal or environmental, and may also be stress related, so if you are worried about thinning hair or your hair’s general condition it is advisable to seek proper advice. Many hair loss conditions will worsen if left untreated, so it is best not to delay in seeking professional help.

The specialists at the Belgravia Centre have a wealth of experience when it comes to diagnosing and treating a wide range of different hair loss conditions. You can see some of our ‘before and during treatment’ photos to see how effective our treatment can be at stabilising hair loss and promoting regrowth.

Our hair loss treatment programmes are based around clinically proven primary medications, along with various hair growth boosters, and close trichological monitoring. We have an in-house registered pharmacy, so we are able to provide a comprehensive service to meet all your needs.

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