Does Hair Oil Treat a Thinning Crown?'

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Question: I use hair oil every day as I like to take care of my hair. I use it to keep my hair healthy but my crown is feeling a lot less thick recently even though it doesn't look thinner and I haven't noticed loads of hair falling out or anything. Does hair oil do anything to stop thinning? Should I be using other products as well? I just want to know what I can do to keep my hair as it is very important to me.

Can You Apply Scalp Oil if You Use Minoxidil?Answer: Hi, Greg. You don't mention what type of hair oil you use, however, regardless of the type of oil, these are generally considered cosmetic hair care products and not treatments for hair loss.

Whilst there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about this particular subject - especially concerning coconut oil and argan oil - what hair oil does is simply help to keep the hair you have moisturised. It can nourish the strands, making it feel in good condition but it will not treat a hair loss condition.

We would need to assess you to be able to give a confirmed diagnosis but if you are experiencing decreased hair density around your crown, this is likely to be an early warning sign of Male Pattern Baldness. This hereditary condition affects the top of the scalp only in men with a genetic predisposition which makes them sensitive to the testosterone byproduct DHT. It often causes gradual shedding in defined areas such as a receding hairline or - as may be the case here - a thinning crown.

Whilst it is fine to continue to use hair oil as a haircare product if you wish to, in order to counteract the effects of DHT and prevent a thinning crown, as well as promote hair growth, a hair loss treatment course customised to your specific needs may be advisable. At Belgravia we have found that using courses which contain topical formulations of high strength minoxidil from the range available at our in-clinic pharmacies can be extremely helpful for stubborn areas of hairloss such as the crown. If you would like to have one of our experts assess you, we can arrange a free consultation for you - either in person or online - which may give you the information you need to move forward and help to put your mind at rest.

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