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Does Excessive Eating or Obesity Cause Hair Loss?


Name: Phil

Question: Having read your article on “The Causes of Grey Hair and Hair Loss”, I was curious as to if this can also be linked to excessive eating. I have gained over 3 stone during the past 18 months and am now 16 stone.

Bald man looking in fridgeAnswer: Excessive eating, or even obesity in itself, does not directly cause hair loss. Particularly in men, hair loss is largely a genetic condition but a variety of factors could play a part in altering the hair growth process. Excessive eating, or hyperphagia, ironically does not always lead to weight gain, but being overweight has many negative implications.

Aside from the extra strain placed on the body, obesity has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and numerous types of cancers – all of which have been associated with hair loss. Nutrition also plays a large role in the maintenance of healthy hair and although they don’t directly lead to hair loss, there are some foods that should be avoided.

Additionally, men who are overweight have higher levels of fat in the body which increases their oestrogen levels. There is a theory that this hormonal imbalance has a negative effect on hair growth, but it’s simply hearsay at this stage.

Being fit, active and healthy makes a world of difference to a person’s quality of life. Getting your weight under control should be a top priority – if only for health reasons rather than hair loss. However, if your hair loss is a concern for you, we would encourage you to visit the centre for a personal consultation. Simply call us on 020 7730 6666 to book or alternatively, the online diagnostic form offers a means of assessment, recommendation and treatment for those who cannot visit the London centre.

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