Does Ex-Footballer Dennis Wise Wear A Wig?

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Former footballer, Dennis Wise recently appeared on Setanta Sports where his punditry was somewhat overshadowed by an eye-catching new hairstyle.

The 48 year old Chelsea legend, who was also a member of Wimbledon's infamous Crazy Gang, raised eyebrows as a swathe of black hair sprang from his new side parting, making his hair look remarkably fuller. So obvious was the change in his hairstyle, that hundreds of people took to Twitter to comment, causing several newspapers to report on his changing hairdo. Many compared his hair unfavourably to a Lego figure, as newspapers splashed comparisons across their pages, and speculated about his hair loss.

Wearing a wig?

Media Reports Speculate - Does Dennis Wise Wear A Wig?Although the midfielder-turned-manager has not revealed if his new look is the result of a modern take on the comb-over look, or if he is wearing a wig, internet forums seem convinced Wise is using a hairpiece to conceal hair loss. If you compare pictures of Dennis' hairline from before and after his new style, however, it seems there is actually little to support this conjecture.

Belgravia Centre MD, Jonny Harris said, "Dennis Wise has a high forehead but he has always had a pretty good head of hair. People seem to assume his long fringe is trying to cover up signs of hair loss. But his hairline looked fine before the new cut so it's more likely he's just experimenting with a new style than trying to hide a rapidly receding hairline."

"There is a possibility that Wise's hair could have thickened up a little, but this could be down to regrowth treatments. Alternatively, he is clearly using a product in his hair - this too could cause the hair to be slightly thicker in its appearance. Judging by his hair before, it doesn't seem to me that Wise had any reason to make use of a hairpiece as he did have a fair amount of hair. I think he perhaps has to do a bit of work on the style - maybe it was the first time he'd tried it."

Treating Male Pattern Baldness

Men who are concerned about their thinning hair will be pleased to hear that covering it with a hairpiece is not the only option. Although many footballers and celebrities have famously had hair transplants, there are two clinically-proven hair loss treatments available to men which do not involve surgery. There are two clinically-proven, MHRA licensed and FDA approved medications for the treatment of male pattern baldness: high strength minoxidil, which is applied directly to the scalp, and finasteride 1mg which is taken in an oral tablet form once per day. A range of additional hair growth supporting products can also be used alongside these to treat genetic hair loss in men, and recommendations for the most appropriate hair loss solutions can be recommended on an individual basis by hair specialists.

The sooner your condition is identified by a specialist and a bespoke male hair loss treatment programme started, the more likely it is that you will see positive results.

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The Belgravia Centre

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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