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Does Country Star Keith Urban Wear a Wig to Hide Male Hair Loss?

Given Country music’s extraordinary popularity in vast swathes of America but relatively small following almost everywhere else, you’d be forgiven for not being 100 per cent up to date with Keith Urban’s music. But you probably know his name – and the fact that he is married to the A-list actress Nicole Kidman.

What you’ll also know if you read the tabloids this week is that he is alleged to be trying to conceal recent hair loss. The whispering began with an article in OK! magazine in which “a source” is said to have revealed that the American Idol judge has either “got a wig or plugs.” Plugs, incidentally, would more widely be known in the UK as a hair transplant and references old-style restoration procedures.

Ticker and fuller hair

Keith Urban pictured with Nicole KidmanThe story seems to stem from the notion that people “within the industry” have observed that the musician’s hair appears to be thicker and fuller than it used to be. While it’s hard to find photographic evidence that backs this notion up, it is of course entirely possible that at 48, Urban has a fair chance of losing hair through Male Pattern Baldness. This hereditary condition is by far the most common form of hair loss in men, and in photos, Keith’s father, Bob, does seem to show evidence of a being a little thin on top.

Given that appearance is such a big part of the fame game, it also seems likely that Urban would go to whatever lengths he deemed necessary to hold on to the look that has made him famous. Using makeup products in the same shade as the hair to add colour to the scalp is a trick often used by celebrities to make their hair appear thicker and conceal thinning hair. Another explanation for a fuller head of hair, of course, is the use of a hair loss treatment programme featuring the clinically-proven components finasteride 1mg and minoxidil.

Because Urban appears not to have shown any signs of sudden and dramatic thinning, an understandable and logical thing for him to have done at the first sign of hair loss would be to have quietly consulted a hair loss specialist and started following a bespoke prevention and regrowth plan.

This could easily explain a fuller head of hair, if indeed he now has one. It is possibly also why Tom Cruise – Urban’s wife’s ex-husband – has maintained such luscious locks throughout his career. An article in Star Magazine some years ago claimed that the secret to Cruise’s great hair was that he used minoxidil-based hair loss products.

Scalp at risk

Even Nicole Kidman is no stranger to gossip about her hair. In some photos her hair seems to have been pulled back so tightly into a pony tail that she looks in danger of putting her scalp at risk of Traction Alopecia – the hair loss condition caused by braids, weaves and general “pulling” that can cause damage and stress to the follicles. Other photos seem to show the actress with a small bald patch on the side of her head, a possible sign of Telogen Effluvium, a condition often caused by stress that is evidenced by a general thinning of the hair.

Whether or not Keith Urban, his wife or her ex-husband have been treated for hair loss is, of course, their business, but the media interest is yet another minder of how much notice people take of hair and, perhaps, how important it is to get any potential problems checked out by a specialist. In most cases, an early diagnosis offers the best chances of regrowth and recovery.

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