Does Sam Smith Have A Receding Hairline?

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As British chart sensation, Sam Smith won two awards at this year's BRITs, Twitter users questioned whether the 22 year old was starting to show signs of hair loss.

Sam Smith At The BRIT AwardsSuccess going to his head?

The 'Stay With Me' singer clearly has a high hairline and a widow's peak which can be one of the first signs of male pattern hair loss.

Although the four-time Grammy winner is currently riding a wave of success, London-born Smith will undoubtedly be experiencing the modern day music industry pressures of having to promote his work through a gruelling schedule of interviews, tours and appearances all over the world. Given the singer has already opened up about feelings of loneliness and being emotional, subjects which he often expresses through his lyrics, he may also feel the pressure of stardom more intensely. Talking to Rolling Stone magazine, Smith explained his unease with fame and being recognised, saying:

"I get really self-conscious about people staring at me. It sounds so weird. As a performer, as an artist, these should be the things that I'm used to. But that's not the case... When people stare at me, I freak out. You know when everyone stares at you you're like, 'Oh, God'? It just feels really awkward. Especially when you're on a plane, because my hair goes funny every time I'm on a plane."

He also confessed to worrying about how he can make his second album, which he is currently working on, as relatable to his fans as his first. "It's really scary... I had that moment where I was like, 'I could lose everything on my second album, because I'm no longer relatable.' And also [I had] that pressure of, 'OK, shit, now I need to fall in love. Something like that needs to happen for me to become relatable again".

The body's response to these types of pressures, particularly when they are on-going, may cause stress-related hair loss or trigger male pattern baldness if Sam already has a genetic predisposition to the hereditary hair loss condition. Story continues below.
Twitter Users Comment on Sam Smith's Hairline Just a few of the tweets commenting on Sam Smith's hairline

Making time to manage stress

Sam Smith Relaxes By Taking BathsSam's M-shaped hairline forms a classic widow's peak which may be mistaken for a receding hairline, however it would appear that Sam's hair generally looks thick and in good condition with only slight signs that he may be starting to thin at the temples, which is not uncommon in men of his age. This may be, at least in part, down to the star making time to manage his stress.

In addition to recent holidays in the sun, the singer, who is Lily Allen's third cousin, also likes to take regular time out to relax by himself. As he explains, "I make time for a bath. No matter what happens in life, no matter how famous I get or how upset or sad I get, how lonely I get, how happy I get, how heartbroken I get, the one thing I can always go to sleep knowing is there will always be baths."

As a recent study further documented, the negative effects of work stress on health in general, as well as hair loss, are becoming more and more clear. This makes the need to actively seek out ways to relax, de-stress and promote a healthier lifestyle increasingly important.

Preventing male hair loss

Minoxidil DropperIf Sam was concerned about losing his hair or developing a receding hairline in the future, he could consider a preventative course of treatment for male hair loss. By taking early steps, he could prevent his hair from deteriorating and combat the signs of male pattern baldness before they become significantly visible.

There are two medically-proven hair loss treatments which are generally used individually or together as the basis of a comprehensive regime, these are minoxidil (a topical solution) and finasteride 1mg (an oral tablet), and are both licensed by the MHRA and FDA-approved. These can be used alongside supplementary hair growth supporting products such as the HairMax LaserComb and dietary supplements including Belgravia's highly-targeted Hair Vitalics which feature an exclusive blend of key vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals including selenium, biotin and zinc to encourage the maintenance of normal healthy hair growth.

If you are worried about receding, or want to investigate how to maintain a healthy hairline, visit a hair loss specialist for a diagnosis and advice as to how best to restore or preserve your hair.
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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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