Does Age, Dye or Length Affect Hair Loss in Women?


B V Harris

Question: Hair loss and hair thinning, is there any connection with the regular use of hair colorant in women in their middle age, and does hair length play a part?

Answer: The use of dyes or colorants and over-styling can contribute to thinning hair in two ways: heat and chemicals can burn the scalp and cause follicular damage; or they can cause hair to become dry and brittle which can easily break along the shaft. The first situation can cause irreversible hair loss that can only be addressed by a transplant or hair system, while the second can lead to temporary thinning that can be corrected with proper hair care.

Hair dye can cause thinning hairHair loss in women of middle age and the use of colorants is coincidental. Women of all ages dye their hair and as much as half of all women will experience some degree of hair loss, not necessarily related to styling habits. Some hairloss conditions are triggered by childbirth, stress, medications or illness and can occur at any age. Female pattern hair loss however, is most commonly seen in menopausal women when hormonal changes take place.

Hair length does not play a part in the onset or progression of hair loss. However, sometimes thinning hair is more apparent in women with longer hair. If you'd like, you could take a look at How To Style Thinning Hair While You Grow It Back.

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