Do You Regrow Winter Hair Loss in Summer?'

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Question: Does the hairs which have fallen in winters grow again in summers?

Answer: Hi, Tarun. The hair growth cycle works constantly to grow and renew hair, with various hairs being in different stages of this cycle simultaneously. Hair normally actively grows for around three to six years, and sheds for around six to eight weeks before new hair starts coming through again. It is also true that the amount of hair loss can vary depending on the season.

Hair Growth Cycle DiagramWhilst it would make sense for us to shed more hair in the summer in order to make our scalps cooler, and to hoard more hair in the winter to keep our heads warm, seasonal hair loss actually works the opposite way. The primitive need to protect our scalps from the sun is believed to be the historical reason behind why we shed more hair in the colder months than in the warmer ones. This increase in shedding is still fairly minimal and tends to last for around a few weeks, usually starting from around October/November time.

It is important to note that this type of cyclical hair fall happens to everyone to some extent and is not just for those who have a hair loss condition.

If you are also experiencing male pattern baldness then you may not see as much of an increase once the seasonal shedding has passed. This is because, unless you are using hair loss treatment to stabilise thinning and promote regrowth, your follicles will still be subject to the effects of this hereditary concern. The key sign of this is ongoing, gradually thinning hair - often at the back of the head at the crown, on top or at the temples causing a receding hairline. As such, once the seasonal shedding passes you may not notice much of a change along the top of your scalp - the area affected by male hair loss - as your hair may have deteriorated during this time.

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