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Do You Recommend Using Procerin?

Confused Over Which Hair Loss Treatment To Use? It Is Recommended To Get Specialist AdviceName: Rafigh

Question: I have been using Propecia and Minoxidil for one year but my hair hasn’t improved. Do you recommend using Procerin with them?

Answer: I would recommend you have a detailed assessment for your hair loss. I am not sure whether you had these treatments prescribed as part of a programme or whether you bought them yourself; it is always advisable to see a specialist in order to get the best results from treatment. The dosage of minoxidil is an important factor and it is also essential that Propecia and minoxidil are used consistently, in line with your physician’s direction.  Missing a day here and there can affect results significantly. We also advise monitoring your response with photos (all of Belgravia’s clients are monitored in this way) as it is very difficult to keep track of the difference in hair density from one month to another as the progression will be slow. Many clients are surprised at the amount of regrowth that has taken place when they visit for their 3 and 6 month check-up once they see their photos.

Procerin is a natural supplement containing many of the same ingredients as Hair Vitalics (Belgravia’s ‘hair growth booster’ product). However, we do not advise Hair Vitalics as an individual hair loss prevention treatment as similarly to Procerin, there is no substantial evidence that it will have such an effect. It could however be beneficial as a booster to the proven treatments, as could Procerin. It is unlikely however that there will be any significant difference in results.

To summarise – I would advise reviewing the use of the products you are already using and perhaps deciding on a different formulation of minoxidil if necessary. The LaserComb is also an option that could be added to your treatment regime. It is the only other product that has received clearance by the FDA.

We offer free consultations and would be happy to give you an assessment at the clinic. Please call 020 7730 6666 or message the centre.

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