‘Do You Rate HairGenesis as a Men's Hair Loss Treatment?'

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Name: Blake

Question: I read about this new product called HairGenesis. Do you rate it for Male Pattern Baldness? I'm looking for a men's hair loss treatment I can use at home.

Answer: Hi, Blake. We have not used this product, nor are we aware of anyone else who has, but we have looked into this for you.

From what we have seen, HairGenesis does not appear to be a hair loss treatment; it seems to be a food supplement or similar.

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Medication which is designed to treat any health issue is required to be authorised by the individual country's medical regulatory board, such as the MHRA and FDA in the UK and America. HairGenesis is not MHRA-licensed, nor is it FDA-approved to treat Male Pattern Baldness, nor any other type of hair loss.

We can see from the way in which the product is being marketed how there may be some confusion, but company literature detailing information about the ingredients suggest that this is not a hair loss 'treatment' in the truest sense. Furthermore, what we have seen of the clinical trial data is vague.

HairGenesis claims to contain natural 5AR, or DHT, blockers - DHT being the testosterone byproduct which causes thinning hair in cases of genetic hairloss. It is likely this reference is in relation to saw palmetto, an natural ingredient thought to lower DHT levels and which also features in the highly-targeted Belgravia hair supplement, Hair Vitalics for Men.

The product does not contain the only clinically-proven, MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved Male Pattern Baldness treatments, the DHT inhibiting tablet finasteride 1mg and the topical hair loss solution, high strength minoxidil. Therefore, it is unlikely to significantly prevent hair loss nor actively promote hair growth on its own.

Overall, whilst HairGenesis claims to have established "the effectiveness of naturally occurring 5AR inhibitors against AGA [androgenetic alopecia] for the first time," it seems this product is a reasonable mix of herbal preparations that would currently probably be better thought of as a nutritional support, in both its topical and oral forms.

The established forms of pharmaceutical treatments outlined above can be used at home, either individually or in tandem, as well as alongside secondary hair growth supporting products - the category we feel HairGenesis is likely best suited to.

If you would like personalised recommendations based upon your condition, level and pattern of shedding, as well as your medical profile, a consultation with a hair loss specialist will provide all of these, as well as answering any further queries you may have.

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