Do Women Find Baldness or Hair Loss Sexy?

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Hair loss

and the effect it has on people has been of interest to social scientists for some time. However, the way that women react to baldness has changed over the years. So do women find balding men attractive or not? Take a look at our baldness timeline and find out.

male bald headThe Perceptions Of Baldness


: A study by Roll and Verenis using sketches of heads with various stages of hair loss found that the bald head was rated least attractive, whilst a full head of hair was thought the most handsome and virile.

1988: Moerman asked a class of students to study either a sketch of a bald man or a sketch of the same man with a full head of hair. The man with hair was rated on average as looking 42, and without hair, 52. The bald man was also rated as being 'more disagreeable,' and 'less attractive'.

1990: Wogalter and Hosie used computer generated images of men with full heads of hair or receding hairlines. They discovered that the balding head was considered older and more intelligent, with no effect on attractiveness.

1992: Muscarella and Cunningham presented faces with three levels of cranial hair to their participants. The study found that a decrease in the amount of cranial hair was associated with increased perceptions of social maturity, appeasement, and age, and decreased perceptions of attractiveness and aggressiveness.

2012: Mannes carried out a study where participants were asked to rate men with shaved heads, naturally thinning hair, or a full head of hair. Mannes found that men who chose to shave their heads were perceived as being more masculine, and even taller and physically stronger than those with a full head of hair, however they were deemed as being less attractive. Men with thinning hair were viewed as the least attractive, and oldest of the three.

To Shave Or Not To Shave?

So, in the current day, although it is known that some women will find balding men attractive, it also seems that in some cases male pattern hair loss is viewed as less attractive compared with both those with a shaved head and a full head of hair. For those worried about a hair loss problem, there is no need - a tailored treatment course at The Belgravia Centre can halt the rate of hair loss and often regrow hair.

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Posted by Natalie

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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