Do Thickening Shampoos Treat Thinning Hair?

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Question: Are there any thickening shampoos that treat thinning hair? I want to stop my hair looking so lank and thin, especially on top.

Do Thickening Shampoos Treat Thinning Hair?Answer: Hi Marie. Whilst a number of thickening shampoos and volume boosting hair care products may give a temporary lift to thin hair, they are not treatments for thinning hair. In order to treat thinning hair it is important to establish the underlying cause and to treat this directly so that the hair can fully recover and become naturally healthier and thicker.

In the same way that wearing makeup can help give the illusion of good skin, thickening shampoos which claim to boost volume (and often allude to being hair loss products) provide a cosmetic enhancement that only makes hair appear fuller in the short term.

This is because, in order to remedy thinning hair, it is necessary to treat the root of the problem which is often caused by internal factors within the body, from the effects of stress or medication to nutritional deficiencies and genetic hair loss.

Thinning hair in women can be caused by a number of different hair loss conditions which can be either temporary or permanent. We recommend you visit a hair loss specialist who will be able to diagnose the exact cause of your thinning and advise you on how best to treat it.

As you mention that your hair thinning is mostly on top, this sounds like it could be female pattern hair loss. The signs of hair loss in women tend towards general thinning on top, as opposed to the defined balding areas around the crown or temples that are typically associated with male pattern hair loss.

The best way to reverse this condition is by using a comprehensive hair loss treatment programme based around the medically-proven ingredient, minoxidil.

Female Pattern Hair Loss - Thinning Hair Restored by Belgravia Centre TreatmentMinoxidil helps to stimulate hair growth and thousands of our clients have seen fantastic regrowth results when using recommended minoxidil formulations available from Belgravia's in-clinic pharmacies. You can see a number of their results for yourself in our Hair Loss Success Stories and if you would like to find out more about our high strength minoxidil simply call the clinic on 020 7730 6666 or send us a message.

One such client is Sue who said that, following her treatment she has "far more confidence in [her] hair". Click on her images, pictured right, to view her Success Story in full.

Hair growth boosters and ensuring your hair is healthy can also help to improve how it looks. You can do this through your diet or by taking supplements such as Hair Vitalics, which deliver the right amounts of necessary nutrients for hair health.

Another tip for disguising thinning hair in the meantime whilst you seek treatment is to visit your hairdresser. Speak to them openly about getting a haircut and styling advice that will help you to make the most of your hair as it is. Explain that you want to increase your hair's volume so that it looks thicker and they should be able to suggest haircuts and styling products that will help until your regrowth starts to come through.

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