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Do the Latest Hair Implant Techniques Leave Scars?


Worried a hair transplant will leave you with a scar?Name: Aaron

Question: What is the situation with hair implants nowadays? I’ve seen people with large scars at the back of their head and poor hair growth but have no idea what the new techniques are nowadays. I am worried about making my head look even worse!

Answer: The concept of hair transplants tends to conjure a lot of negative connotations but in fact, hair implant techniques have greatly improved over the years and the most recently advanced technique mimic the way that hair grows naturally.

Gone are the days of the “doll punch-hole” grafts and fake-looking, super defined hairlines. Hair naturally grows in follicles that contain groupings of 1 to 4 hairs so by implanting individual follicular units in their natural groupings, these days hair transplants give a much more natural appearance where scarring is very minimal and re-growth success is very high.

However, before considering surgery it’s always advisable to try the medically proven hair loss treatments first to see the kind of results you get. Even if a transplant is your preferred way to go, you may still need to use medical treatments after the surgery to prevent further hair loss.

A hair transplant procedure under the hands of a competent surgeon will not make your hair worse but you should get a referral to a reputable surgeon first, which you can at the Belgravia Centre. Some surgeons practice outdated hair restoration methods, but generally they’re rare. I’d say most of what you have seen is the results of procedures that were done in the late 80s to early 90s.

Finally, there are certain criteria that one has to meet before they’re considered as a candidate for hair transplant surgery.

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