‘Do Sheet Masks for Hair Help Hair Growth and Prevent Hair Loss?'

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Name: Eva

Question: I saw these Mirenesse sheet masks for hair advertised that claim to stimulate hair growth and fight hair loss if you use them regularly - do you think they'll work?

hair sheet mask serumAnswer: Hi, Eva. It's certainly an interesting and innovative product! We have not physically used these hair sheet masks but we have examined the claims, ingredients, and the delivery method in order to answer your question.

Firstly, the novel self-heating thermal sheet mask style of the product seems extremely easy to use; secondly, the ingredients in the serum suggest it could result in a soft, silky texture due to the ingredients being aimed at conditioning the hair. This is likely to be similar to the effect produced from home remedies used to nourish the hair, such as good quality hair oils applied to damp hair that is then wrapped in clingfilm.

With regards whether the mask can stimulate hair growth, this relates to an ingredient called AnaGaine. This completed a very small clinical trial on 10 people for 14 days, with applications of its product twice per day. Obviously no-one is applying this sheet mask to their hair twice per day, every day, and the small-scale study, due to its size, is unlikely to yield particularly reliable, conclusive data as to whether or not it has a positive effect on hair growth.

In reference to the hair loss claims, we cannot see any basis for this and the packaging does not actually mention which hair loss condition it is meant to help prevent. When addressing conditions such as Female Pattern Hair Loss, any topical treatment has to be used regularly, at least once per day as per the product's instructions, in order to have any effect on hair growth.

The only potential benefit we can see that could possibly tie into their claim of fighting hair loss is when it is caused by hair breakage - though this is not actually a hairloss condition. Breakage occurs where weakened and/or damaged hair becomes so brittle that it snaps in two along the shaft. It is often seen in cases of over-processing from chemicals such as bleach, perming or relaxing solutions, or from over-styling where there is repeated use of heated tools, including straightening irons, tongs and even too-hot hairdryers.

This leaves behind frazzled-looking hair which can also give the appearance of thinning but can usually be dealt with effectively via a good haircut and intensive conditioning treatments, hence the Mirenesse sheet mask may benefit hair damaged to this level.

So, as to its overall efficacy and whether it will work, it seems like a decent haircare product for conditioning the hair, though we remain unconvinced as to its alleged hair growth and hair loss prevention properties. If you are worried about excessive hair fall or thinning hair, it is advisable to have a consultation with a specialist who can provide you with both a diagnosis and appropriate, personalised hair loss treatment recommendations, based on their findings.

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