Do Oxygen Scalp Treatments Treat Hair Loss?'

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Name: Michelle

Question: Hi, I read about oxygen scalp treatments and wondered if they might treat my hair loss - what do you think? I just have a bit of thinning around my temples and my hair doesn't feel as thick as it used to be but it's not terrible. I'd appreciate your advice.

Answer: Hi, Michelle. Oxygen scalp treatments are a fairly new innovation, similar to oxygen facials which have been around for quite a while, and are designed to thoroughly clean the pores and improve circulation.

We have looked in to Oxilogica - who claim to have developed this technique - briefly and its cosmetic procedures are being touted as beneficial for hair growth, however, we are unaware of any clinical research into this type of therapy for this purpose, or any verified scientific evidence to support such claims.

With that said, the idea behind this four-step process is solid and seems to have good quality, well thought out ingredients. These include biotin, azelaic acid, saw palmetto and vitamin E all applied directly to the scalp.

Promotional material for this service says it has been proven to encourage hair growth but, in my opinion, oxygen scalp treatments are more likely to be useful for improving the hair texture and quality, maintaining a healthy scalp and possibly good circulation, than they are for promoting hair growth in any meaningful way.

Whilst the concept of using stem cells from the Stella Alpina's roots to stimulate hair growth is a good one, I have looked into this and there does not appear to be any independent evidence to support this.

These treatments are generally offered by hairdressing salons or clinics as part of an on-going course, rather than as a one-off. From what I have seen of them, it is unlikely oxygen scalp therapy would show sufficient effects on hair growth to warrant this being the primary reason anyone would undergo such a course, and - in answer to your question - it is extremely doubtful that they would have any effect on hair loss.

The thinning hair you describe sounds consistent with a diagnosis of Female Pattern Hair Loss; This is an hereditary genetic condition that is both permanent and progressive, but can generally be successfully managed with an appropriate hair loss treatment course.

At Belgravia we offer patients presenting with this condition tailored hair loss solutions featuring topical applications of high strength minoxidil, often paired with additional hair growth supporting products.

Minoxidil is clinically-proven, MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved for the treatment of genetic hair loss in women and helps to stimulate hair growth in the affected areas.

This is currently the only women's hair loss treatment that has been authorised in these ways by both the UK and USA medical regulatory boards as being both safe and effective.

A consultation, either in person at a hair loss clinic or online, will help you to determine the precise cause of your thinning and receive professional treatment recommendations tailored to your diagnosis and needs.

Whilst we don't believe there to be any substantial hair growth benefits, nor any hair loss treatment elements to oxygen scalp treatments, if you'd like to try them, we don't think it's a bad thing to do for your hair.

As before, it may help to improve your hair's texture and quality whilst also keeping your scalp clean and healthy - which is important - but if the aim is to treat thinning hair, we would recommend using this cosmetic therapy in addition to taking a more established, medically-sound route.

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