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Metrosexual Man, His Hair & Hair Loss Prevention

Personalities such as David Beckham have helped make it more acceptable for men to care about their appearance.The term Metrosexual was introduced in the 90s to describe men who took pride in their appearance. And as we approach 2010, it seems there is no let down in the number of men who are making an effort to keep their hair and skin in top condition.

In a recent Business World article, Procter & Gamble Philippines Country Marketing Manager, Gloria Nieto, said, “Most men have a simpler grooming and personal care regimen [than women]. This may be why hair care is a big concern for men as a full head of healthy hair relates to making them feel more outgoing, confident and attractive.” Nieto was making reference to a global consumer report by Head & Shoulders which surveyed 10,000 men globally on their grooming routine, fears and concerns.

“The impact of hair loss and dandruff to male self-esteem and self-confidence is huge. It makes them feel ‘less confident,’ ‘inhibited,’ and ‘unattractive.’ Many even say ‘they feel depressed…’ The truth is, a healthy head of hair is empowering for men. Biologically, a full head of hair is an indication of youth and vitality, which naturally reduces as they age. So the implication is that men with thinning hair somehow aren’t ‘Alpha Males.’ Moving to a real daily situation, these are problems that can actively prevent men from meeting women,” Nieto stated in an e-mail to BusinessWorld.

When it comes to hair loss, men have to make more of an effort than women. Male Pattern Hair Loss affects 40% of men by the age of 35 rising to two-thirds by the age of 60. It is caused by an increase in a hormone known as 5(alpha)-reductase. This hormone transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT attacks the hair follicles which means that they produce shorter, finer hairs. If the condition is not treated, DHT will eventually destroy the hair follicles and the man goes bald.

Many men choose to use hair loss treatments to maintain their hair growth.If an man has an immediate family member who is balding, then his chances of developing hair loss increase by 50%. However, for the majority of men, the condition is still highly likely unless the right action is taken at the early stages.

The Belgravia Centre has a long and successful track record in helping men treat hair loss. As well as an early diagnosis, optimum re-growth is dependant upon a treatment that is tailored to suit the individual. Minoxidil and Propecia are the only products to have undergone clinical studies and been found to be effective for stabilsing hair loss and restoring lost hair. When they are administered alongside the correct hair growth booster, the results often exceed expectations. To see the kind of re-growth achieved by Belgravia’s clients, take a look around the large collection of hair loss success stories.

While some men are happy to go for the bald look, many prefer to maintain a head of hair. If you are one of those men, why not contact Belgravia for a consultation with a specialist? To book an appointment (which is free) just call 020 7730 6666 or message the centre. If you would rather have a remote consultation, just complete and submit the online diagnostic form for a mail order treatment service.

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