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Diet Tips for Hair Loss

We all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, so it should come as no surprise that having a good diet will help to combat most health conditions. For some, genetics may be the key cause of hair loss or baldness but as for temporary hair loss, one culprit is nutritional deficiency. Our bodies have ways of telling us if we’re neglecting our health and when it comes to hair loss, there are some diet tips that you may want to jot down.

Healthy DietInclude in your diet:

• Soy protein – Soy products are an excellent source of protein and essential for optimal hair growth. A study has also suggested that soy may help to prevent hair loss because it has DHT-inhibiting properties – similar to, but not proven to be anywhere near as effective, as the hair loss treatment finasteride 1mg (also known by its brand names eg. Aindeem or Propecia).

• Iron – Eat plenty of iron-rich foods such as lean red meat, spinach and tuna to avoid anaemia – a deficiency which often has the side effect of thinning hair. But don’t overload on the supplement – too much iron can lead to a number of health problems so consult a specialist to see if you’re getting your recommended daily intake.

• Vitamin E – Dried fruit and nuts are a great snack alternative for someone with a sweet-tooth to help maintain energy levels, but they’re also great for maintaining healthy hair. Packed with vitamin E, a handful of these goodies each day can improve hair health and growth by enhancing blood circulation on the scalp through increased oxygen uptake.

• Silica – If you’re planning on hanging onto your hair, make sure it’s the healthiest and shiniest it can be by including silica in your diet. Silica helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals which are used by the hair follicles to form new cells and promote healthy hair growth. So eat plently of oats, rice, strawberries and cucumbers for hair vitality.

Diet and Hair Loss: Sugar, Fats and CaffeineTry to avoid in your diet:

• High-fat and processed foods – Excessive amounts of fat can speed up the balding process and processed foods are often loaded with artificial preservatives which may cause allergic reactions in some that trigger hair loss. Not only that, they may lose most of their nutrients when they’re processed.

• Caffeine – Too much coffee depletes levels of vitamins, particularly vitamin B, as well as zinc and potassium, and any vitamin or mineral deficiency is likely to affect hair growth. Caffeine also releases adrenaline and too much can aggravate stress, this in turn can lead to excessive hair shedding.

• Aspartame – Too much sugar is bad for your health but as part of a balanced diet, it may be healthier for you than sugar-free varieties. Artificial sweeteners used in place of sugar containing the chemical aspartame, have been linked weight gain, breast cancer and hair loss.

• Too much carbohydrates – When the body digests carbohydrates, it releases glucose into the bloodstream which raises blood sugar levels. High quantities of blood sugar in the body have been known to cause thinning hair.

Heredity is the most common culprit when it comes to hair loss, but one cannot discount the role of nutrition in healthy hair growth. Still, there are many factors that can influence hair loss and sometimes eating a healthy diet won’t be enough to avoid the problem. Clinically proven hair loss treatments work for the majority of people who use them but a professional diagnosis is always recommended first and foremost if you’re to get the right advice and treatment to correct the problem.

The Belgravia CentreThe Belgravia Centre

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2nd August, 2009 at 9:50 am


I have had thinning hair on top of my hair..this has been like this for well over ten years...what treatment could you recommend for me?..I have been to see a dermatologist but nothing seems to work and I have been hiding the problem with weaves but would ultimately like a more permanent solution. Regards Tamsyn

3rd August, 2009 at 9:27 am


Hi Tamsyn, The Belgravia Centre often sees women who have lost the density their hair once had. For some it happens dramatically in a short space of time, for others it occurs gradually over a number of years. There are many reasons why your hair might be thinning, but weaves could be making it worse. So our specialists can assess your condition and then recommend the most suitable treatment for you, I would urge you to visit the centre for a diagnosis and consultation. If you can’t make it into the centre, please complete our online diagnostic form and you will be contacted shortly.

7th August, 2009 at 3:54 am

Perfect Moment Project

If your hair DOES fall out, have a Hair Coming Out Party. Love Deb. Hate cancer.

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