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Didier Drogba Embraces Baldness After Ditching Tight Hairstyles


Didier Drogba BaldRespected footballer and philanthropist, Didier Drogba turns 40 in March 2018. Ahead of this milestone the Phoenix Rising FC owner made a drastic change and is now bald.

Drogba’s baldness is not due to hair loss but rather due to shaving his head as part of a new beginning that coincided with his son’s 17th birthday.

Problematic hairstyles

Whilst it’s certainly an extreme change, it’s likely one that his hair will appreciate.

The former Chelsea FC legend and Ivory Coast international has had a long history of wearing tight hairstyles, often with his hair appearing straightened. His signature look over the past few years – often hidden beneath a cap – has been straightened hair slicked back into a short ponytail or held back with a headband. He has previously been spotted with a variety of popular men’s hairstyles, from cornrows to a man bun.

Braids and straightened hair – whether through heat styling or chemical relaxing – can damage the follicle. When these practices are used regularly this can result in hair loss conditions which can be permanent. Hairstyles which cause too much tension at the roots can cause Traction Alopecia, whilst different methods of hair straightening can cause conditions from follicular degeneration syndrome – formerly known as hot comb alopecia – to chemical trauma. Breakage where the hair snaps along the shaft is also common.

As women are becoming increasingly aware of how certain hairstyles and styling methods can be problematic, men are trying increasingly adventurous styles, but are seemingly less clued up about the potential damage these can cause. This is especially true for people of colour whose Afro hair type is naturally more brittle and prone to damage than Asian and Caucasian hair.

Receding hairline may not be male pattern baldness

Traction alopecia is the most commonly-seen of these issues among women who wear braids, high ponytails and hair extensions. It presents as hair loss around the hairline due to this being the area that bears the brunt of the strain. It can also cause bald patches or thinning hair around the site of any fixings, such as where extensions are attached.

In men, they may simply dismiss this as male pattern baldness given one of the most common signs – alongside gradually thinning hair – is a receding hairline.

However, whilst genetic hair loss is permanent and progressive – requiring on-going hair loss treatment to help regrow hair and prevent baldness moving forward – Traction Alopecia can be dealt with fairly easily, as long as it is caught in time. It can also affect anyone, whereas male pattern hair loss requires an active genetically predisposed sensitivity to DHT.

As long as the follicle is still active and capable of producing hair, traction alopecia treatment can be a worthwhile solution. At Belgravia this involves daily applications of high strength minoxidil directly to the scalp, where needed. Additional hair growth boosters can also be beneficial, with the convenient nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics for Men helping to promote healthy hair.

It is also crucial to remove the problematic hairstyle or cease whichever styling practice has caused and may still be contributing towards the hair loss that is being treated. Wearing the hair naturally allows the follicles a chance to recuperate and should help to make the most of any treatment.

It is possible to have both Traction Alopecia and Male Pattern Baldness simultaneously and, in these instances, a bespoke treatment course can be tailored to the individual’s level and pattern of shedding. It is, in fact, possible to suffer from both these conditions and chemical trauma too. But, again, chemical trauma treatment is available and can be worked into a personalised hair regimen to address all hair loss issues at the same time.

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