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Did Wayne Rooney Have a Hair Transplant?

Wayne Rooney sports new hair growth in the 2009 World Cup Qualifier

UPDATE 4th June 2011Rooney Tweets about Hair Transplant (click for story)

Wayne Rooney is indeed one of Manchester United’s most valued players but when teammates likened him to Sir Bobby Charlton, rumours that the young footballer was considering a hair transplant were rife. And who wouldn’t at least think about it if it was their crown that was publicly compared to a man whose professional football career was almost overshadowed by his comb-over. But Wayne Rooney did not get a hair transplant. He apparently found another effective solution to hair loss that had his teammates eating their words.

Wayne Rooney allegedly uses Propecia to control his hair loss. It’s one of only two treatments that have been clinically proven and approved by medical regulatory bodies to be effective in stabilising and reversing the effects of hair loss. While it has been reported that Rooney is using Propecia, it’s not known if he’s using the other proven treatment, minoxidil. His hair has certainly has not got any worse in the couple of years since the Bobby Charlton incident, and it appears to have thickened, but many might wonder about his ever-present widow’s peak.

The single use of Propecia, as Rooney purportedly employs, has been clinically proven to slow down thinning and reverse hair loss while improving the hair’s appearance. But minoxidil is more effective for the temple region because it is a topical, target-specific hair growth stimulant. Specialist at the UK’s leading hair loss clinic, The Belgravia Centre, have reason to believe the most effective way to combat most cases of male hair loss is through a carefully balanced combination of Propecia and minoxidil. They strongly recommend minoxidil 12.5% + AA for temple hair loss and other stubborn areas like a balding crown, and often prescribe treatment programmes that employ a range of beneficial hair products, alongside the clinically proven ones, to help achieve superior results.

If Wayne Rooney had a hair transplant, it is highly likely that he would still need to continue using Propecia. If, by all reports, Rooney started using the treatment in the early stages of his hair loss, it seems to have proven to be an effective preventative measure for the young footballer. If medical treatments demonstrate little effect or the hair follicles have become dormant and there is still considerable donor hair available, hair transplants are often a last resort. They are not usually recommended to young men (or women) who are only just beginning to see the signs of hair loss, like thinning hair or a receded hairline.

Most men in their early 20s and 30s will develop a certain degree of recession at the hairline and it is normal. But if the hair starts to thin as well, as was Rooney’s case, it’s often a sign that further hair loss is more than likely to occur. However, with the development of effective medical treatments for hair loss there is no need for young men to jump the gun and turn to surgical means of restoration.

The Bobby Charlton Comb-OverWayne Rooney did not get a hair transplant but his hair loss stabilisation and regrowth proves that whatever he is using is working. And there are still more alternatives to surgery if it turned out that he was bothered by his widow’s peak. Although, we suspect he’s happy he can now just follow in the footsteps of Charlton’s successful career but leave the threat of an impending comb-over behind.

To find out more about hair loss and the treatment options available, call The Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or send an email instead. Alternatively, you could complete and submit an online diagnostic form to receieve a free hair analysis and treatment recommendation.

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1 Comment

12th January, 2010 at 11:10 am

Wayne Rooney

I think he might have had hair transplants - he has the money to do so, and probably doesn't want to be bald any time soon! With a face as pretty as his, he needs to do all he can to make sure that he looks better everywhere else!

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