Did MIC Star Jamie Laing Shave His Head to Hide Hair Loss?

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The kind of hair loss caused by the genetic condition Male Pattern Baldness typically happens over the space of many years, giving those who are susceptible to it plenty of time to try out “miracle cures” and new hairstyles.

Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing appears to be leaving no stone unturned in his quest to try and deal with his thinning hair, and his latest haircut a very short style of the buzz-cut variety could well be an attempt to hide things.

Short can accentuate

The problem is that a grade three or four cut, as Jamie appears to be sporting, can actually accentuate thinning hair as there are no longer any “concealer” hairs that can be brushed over patches that have started to go bald. Arguably the best cut of this type for men who have a receding hairline or are thinning on top is a grade one especially when hair is light in colour as this can make the hair and the scalp somewhat indistinguishable from each other. Another popular hairstyle for hiding hair loss is a high-top fade, especially for men with afro hair, or the Caesar cut for men with Caucasian/European or Asian hair types.

It could be, however, that Laing is seeing what the shape of his head is like in readiness for a day when he does lose his locks. Clearly someone who is concerned about androgenetic alopecia, Laing may be seeking to gain comfort in knowing that he is at least well-suited to the hair-free look. As he wrote alongside the Instagram photo that showed off his new look: “You have to shave your head at least once in your life… right?” He later posted the following photo claiming the short crop is for a TV show that airs in September 2017, so we shall have to wait to see the reason for the new style. Continues below...

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While the reality TV star and heir to the McVities fortune is showing signs of a receding hairline, there’s no reason to think that a life of comb-overs and hats is a foregone conclusion. As many thousands of men will attest, male pattern hair loss is something that can be tackled head-on (no pun intended) because clinically-proven products have been honed to address the reasons why hair is falling out and to encourage new growth.

Men's hair loss is best approached on a case-by-case basis, with hair loss treatment solutions being recommended for each individual client.

The Belgravia Centre london clinic Mens hairloss treatmentThese often revolve around the use of either one or both of the only two MHRA licensed and FDA approved male pattern hairloss treatments - formulations of high strength minoxidil - a topical drug that can be particularly effective for regrowing hair in stubborn areas such as the hairline and crown - and the oral DHT-blocker, finasteride 1mg.

Additionally, a range of hair growth supporting products, including highly-targeted nutritional support in the form of Belgravia's one-a-day hair growth supplement, Hair Vitalics for Men, can be used where necessary, alongside these primary medications.

Laing may well have already tried the clinical approach - his hair certainly looks thicker than in previous years - as he was reported two years ago to be using “hair drops” in an article in The Debrief, whose writer spent a day with him. It was never fully ascertained what these drops were, though it is possible that he was using topical minoxidil, as this corresponds with the description.

As stated above, however, different formulations are available and it could be that different products would provide better results.

Lasers to stimulate scalp

According to his MIC cast-mate Spencer Matthews, Laing is on a fast-track to baldness; something Laing is clearly not prepared to take lying down. In his quest to stave off thinning, the TV star has also tried Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which is typically administered with either a hand-held device or by using a special “cap” which can be left on the head for set periods.

These products can help to boost hair growth by stimulating the scalp, and one company in particular has recently made some bold claims about their efficacy.

Anyone thinking that Laing, at 28, seems to be unusually young to be affected by male pattern hair loss need only look at Premiership footballers to see a wide variety of men in their 20s who are losing their locks. While far more commonly seen in men in their 50s, this genetic condition affects millions of men who are much younger as well.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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