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Did Martin Kemp Have a Hair Transplant?


Martin Kemp Hairline 1999 and 2009Name: Mr Spalding

Question: Please take a look at these two photos. In your opinion, has Martin Kemp had a hair transplant? In a photo that was taken in 1999, he looks to have a receding hairline but in another which was taken ten years later in 2009, it looks straighter.

Answer: Hairline maturisation occurs in just about all men but it’s not always a sign of male pattern baldness. If you’re worried about hair loss, the Norwood Scale is a good benchmark to compare ones degree of recession and gauge whether more thinning or loss could be imminent.

Martin Kemp in Cannes 2009The two photos you sent through of Martin Kemp are taken at different angles. The angle at which the 2009 picture was taken does make his hairline look straight compared to the older photo, but if you look at the group photo taken in Cannes in 2009 his hairline is still obviously receded.

Photos can be deceiving, and whether he did or did not undergo a procedure on his hairline is not evident by the photos. However, they are all we have to go on in this instance so to answer your question: in my opinion, after looking through some more pictures, it does not appear as though Martin Kemp had a hair transplant.

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