Did Losing Weight Cause Male Pattern Hair Loss?'

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gym-exerciseName: Darrius

Question: Hello I’m a 24 male I noticed that around may I had suffered thinning hair on the top of my hair is not really noticeable but if I brush it back it’s thick in the back thin slightly in the middle but thin in the front. I have lost 20 lbs from cardio and changed my diet to lose body fat. I had long hair in march and started my diet change in April till June I noticed my hair was thin after a haircut. Is losing my weight what cause my hair to go into shock or may this be a early sign of MPB?

Answer: Hi, Darrius.  You may be interested to hear that clients often tell us that they first noticed hair loss after getting a drastic hair cut.

The areas around the top of your head that you mention being affected are synonymous with genetic hair loss. So, whilst we cannot diagnose your hair loss condition with 100 per cent accuracy without assessing you, what you describe sounds like a classic case of Male Pattern Baldness.

Your weight loss sounds sensible and steady, assuming the 20lbs came off gradually over the 3 month period. As such, it is unlikely to have contributed to your hairloss. The changes to your diet may be a factor. It is important not to neglect your nutrition when changing your diet and many meal plans designed to aid fat-loss and promote muscle-gain tend to be pretty restrictive. This can mean that you are not getting the range of vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth. If the dietary imbalance is sufficient, it can cause a temporary hair loss condition known as Telogen Effluvium, which - though it only lasts for up to six months - can, in turn, trigger male pattern hair loss in men with an underlying genetic predisposition.

Another diet-related issue that can contribute to this is the use of certain sports nutrition drinks. Protein powder shakes and using creatine have come under fire recently for their links to thinning hair. Additionally, the strain that excessive exercise can place on the body has also been linked to hairloss, so it is important to take a balanced approach to your workouts too.

We would recommend having a consultation with a specialist so that your hair loss condition can be properly diagnosed. Any lifestyle factors likely to be contributing to your hair thinning can be discussed during this assessment too.

Following this, a specialist will provide you with a personalised range of recommendations for hair loss treatments tailored to your level and pattern of shedding, as well as your medical profile. Male pattern baldness can often be successfully managed using clinically-proven products, of which there are currently two MHRA licensed and FDA approved options. Additional hair growth supporting products can also be used alongside these medications, where appropriate, and a consultation will allow you to discuss all the possible options open to you with an expert.

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