Did Hair Wax Cause My Bald Patch and Hair Loss on Top?'

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Question: Hi. I am a 23 year old man. I used hair wax (BED HEAD For Men by TIGI) in July last year. I was advised by friends to wash it before I sleep. I used it only twice. Once, I washed it before sleeping, and the other time, I delayed washing to four days. Then when I washed my hair I lost hair excessively. It shocked me to see so much hair-loss in my shower. After that, I kept losing hair for the next few months. I thought shaving my head would solve it I did that twice. But to no avail. The hair loss ceased at one point. Untill this point, I had only been losing hair in an oval pattern on the front and like an army cut on my lower sides. Now the hair loss has returned. I’m losing hair now on the top mainly. What can be the reasons? Is this MPB or caused by the hair wax (in which case is it treatable?) Should I visit a doctor? Thank you.


Hi, Chez. It is a common misconception, but it is highly unlikely that your hair styling product is related to your hair loss.

From what you are describing here, the hair loss in an oval pattern sounds like alopecia areata, whilst the thinning on top is almost certainly male pattern baldness.

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder which causes rounded bald patches - either one or many - which can appear suddenly, anywhere on the scalp. There is alopecia areata treatment available to deal with this type of patchy hair loss but it is often temporary. How long the bout will last and whether or not it will recur is unknown - as is the precise cause of this enigmatic condition, though triggers are known to include shock, trauma or extreme stress. So, if you think back to what happened around the time you noticed your first bald spot, you may be able to identify what brought this on.

Male Pattern Baldness only affects the top of the scalp and the hairline. Unlike Alopecia Areata, it does not affect the sides or back of the head and also causes gradual hair thinning rather than sudden bald patches. It is a genetic hair loss condition which you inherit from your parents and, in those who are so predisposed, can be accelerated by certain lifestyle factors including stress. The onset can occur any time following puberty so, although 23 is young for this type of hairloss to start, it certainly not uncommon.

In order to ascertain exactly what is going on with your hair, assuming you are otherwise in good health, we recommend you have a consultation with a hair loss specialist. They will be able to assess you and provide a professional diagnosis of your condition - or conditions, as it is possible to experience more than one simultaneously. Additionally, they will be able to tailor a bespoke hair loss treatment programme to suit your specific needs and recommend the most effective course of action.

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