Did David Beckham Have a Hair Transplant?

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As an internationally renowned style icon and British Fashion Council ambassador, David Beckham's hairstyles always receive press attention.
David Beckham hairline haircuts hairstyles May 2018 July 2017 David Beckham in May 2018, with his previous longer hairstyle pictured inset from July 2017

Most recently the focus has been less on his hair cut and more on his potential hair loss - something he has spoken about being terrified of developing, previously.

In a 2012 interview Beckham said that he planned to cope with losing his hair - when the time came - not by undergoing surgery, but by shaving his head. Yet on 24th August 2018 The Sun ran an exclusive report stating that the journalist believes David Beckham recently had a hair transplant to address his receding hairline.

Private matter

The rumour appears to be based around the 43 year old's hairline, which has always had a natural widow's peak shape, now appearing straighter.

Interestingly one of the 'clues' reported in the article revolves around the UNICEF ambassador's hairline appearing to be thinning in June 2017, but much thicker and more rounded when he attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in May 2018. Following a hair transplant it can take 12 months to see the final results.

A number of live tweets sent during the Windsor church service, where TV cameras showed overhead views of the congregation which included Beckham and his wife, mentioned Beckham having a thinning crown. However, photographs of his new haircut from eye level gained many compliments, with no mention being made of his hairline.

As Male Pattern Baldness - the genetic condition which affects hair follicles across the top of the scalp, from hairline and temples to crown, in predisposed men - is a permanent, progressive condition, men are often advised to follow hair loss treatment courses on an on-going basis from at least six months prior to hair transplant surgery.

This is to maximise hair growth and stabilise shedding ahead of the op, and to help with preventing baldness around the grafts - as the original hairs will remain susceptible to thinning - and to preserve the results from the procedure. Clinically-proven, MHRA licensed and FDA approved topical and oral medications are available and can be used alongside a range of supplementary hair growth supporting products. This route is also a viable alternative to getting a hair transplant in many cases.

As, for the past few years, David Beckham has tended to frequently wear his hair pulled back into a man bun, it is also possible that any receding and hairline changes were due to the strain this placed on his temples and hairline; a condition known as Traction Alopecia.

Despite The Sun's speculation as to whether or not Beckham underwent hair restoration surgery, his spokesperson told the paper it was "a matter of privacy whether it was false or true."

Concealing thinning hair

Following the launch of his own men's hair care range in March 2018, the notoriously private dad-of-four cut his newly short hair even shorter around the back and sides, tapering up to a crop on top. This certainly helped to disguise the temporal hairloss that had been previously visible.
David Beckham receding hairline November 2017 David Beckham pictured in November 2017

Belgravia hair specialists noticed at the time how the former footballer had a slightly different look. His hair seemed much denser on top and around the hairline, but the hair looked more matte than usual, with a slight ginger tone being noticeable on some occasions.

One reason men's hair can suddenly obtain this thicker, matte appearance and reddish hue is when coloured microscopic hair fibres are used. This is a temporary fix whereby fibres are sprinkled on to areas of thinning hair daily, then set with a spray, to give them a boost.

These are widely sold as hair loss concealer products and are also used by celebrities' hairdressers to help create different hairlines for their clients, including Black Panther star, Lupita Nyong'o who has been open about using the technique.

It is thought to be the reason for Beckham's former England teammate - and many men's stated hair transplant inspiration - Wayne Rooney, developing fuller, redder hair when he has a game or public appearance, which seems to disappear when he's training or otherwise 'off camera'.

Due to the many varied shades hair is made up of, finding an exact match which works in natural light and under TV cameras and floodlights, can be a tough job. If David Beckham and Wayne Rooney were taking this approach to making their hair look thicker, this may explain the matte appearance and increased redness of their hair.

Whilst hairloss concealing products cannot do anything to treat or prevent balding, they can help to make the hair appear thicker not just by clinging to existing hairs to make them seem thicker, but also by colouring the scalp to match the hair. This camouflages the contrast between scalp colour and hair colour and, though it can be highly effective on screen and in photos, it is not always sufficiently natural to be a good everyday solution in real life.
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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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