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Did Caitlyn Jenner Have a Hair Transplant?


When American actor Tom Arnold admitted he had had a second hair transplant and that Caitlyn Jenner recommended the surgeon, rumours started as to whether the reality TV star had had her own hair loss surgery too.

Fuller hairline

Did Caitlyn Jenner Have a Hair Transplant?Before coming out as transgender, Bruce Jenner, the Olympic athlete and Keeping Up With the Kardashians patriarch, had noticeably thinning hair.

Media reports also suggested he was using step-daughter Khloe Kardashian’s trick of using eye makeup to fill in his receding hairline.

Since transforming to Caitlyn Jenner, however, her hairline is looking impressive. So much so that her recent Vanity Fair magazine cover article drew many compliments about her thick, lustrous hair, even comparing it to 90’s supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Whilst she is believed to use lace front wigs and hair extensions to get the length and volume, since Arnold’s revelation – in the tweet pictured below and reported by the Daily Mail – many are wondering if her seemingly restored hairline could be down to hair restoration surgery. The doctor mentioned is also said to be a well-respected eyebrow restoration specialist so it is possible Caitlyn may have visited him for this type of procedure instead.

Tom Arnold Tweeted about Caitlyn JennerTransgender hair loss treatment

Whilst Jenner has neither confirmed nor denied hair transplant surgery, there are other non-invasive ways to treat hair loss.

Genetic hair loss is diagnosed and treated based on birth gender. This is because Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss display in different ways.

Norwood Scale

The Norwood Scale, Pictured Here, Measures Male Pattern Hair Loss

While Male Pattern Baldness affects specific areas around the top of the head – such as causing a thinning crown, or a receding hairline – Female Pattern Hair Loss causes a general thinning of the hair across the vertex.

Also it is fairly rare for women to experience true baldness – where the hair deteriorates to the point where the hair follicle dies, scarring over and giving the scalp a shiny appearance – but this is quite common in men.

Male-to-female transgender women may use clinically-proven male hair loss treatments to combat their hair loss, again, this is because treatment is linked to the birth gender due to genetic suitability. Those who are fully female-to-male transgendered may use high strength minoxidil to regrow their hair. Hair growth boosters are suitable for both groups.

Hair loss following surgery

Transgender people who choose to undergo feminisation or masculinisation surgeries as part of their process may start to experience diffuse hair loss with hair shedding from all over their scalp around three months after their operation. This is a common side-effect of surgical procedures and is known as Telogen Effluvium.Belgravia Centre Male Hair Loss Treatment Products

As Caitlyn had a number of operations, including various facial surgeries, prior to revealing her gender transformation, it is possible that her thinning hair was actually a result of this temporary hair loss condition.

Telogen Effluvium can last up to 12 months but the hair should regrow naturally once the body has recovered from the shock of surgery. Treatment for Telogen Effluvium can help to speed up this process.

However, it is best to consult a hair loss specialist for a professional assessment as TE can also trigger or exacerbate genetic hair loss in those who are predisposed.

A specialist will be able to give you a diagnosis of your condition – or conditions, as Telogen Effluvium can present simultaneously alongside other hair loss conditions – and work with you to tailor a personalised regrowth plan based on your specific needs.

The Belgravia CentreThe Belgravia Centre

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