Did Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?'

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Shower shampoo hair wash hair lossQuestion: Hello. I'm using the Vichy anti-dandruff shampoo for greasy hair for some years. I'm dandruff free now, had seborrhoeic dermatitis. But now my concern is that I'm losing hair and my question is … it is possible that I used only this type of shampoo for years that causes my hair loss?

Answer: Hi, Sebastian. It is highly unlikely that your choice of shampoo has lead to hair loss.

We would need to assess you to determine the precise hair loss condition you are experiencing but, if you have excessive hair fall resulting in thinning hair from areas around the top of your scalp and/or hairline, this is most likely to be Male Pattern Baldness. This is determined by genetics.

Whilst it can be triggered into presenting earlier than perhaps nature intended by certain lifestyle factors, including stress and illness, unless you had a fairly intense allergic reaction to the shampoo, this is almost certainly not a factor here.

If your hair is shedding from all over your scalp it could be Telogen Effluvium, a temporary form of hair loss often brought on by the aforementioned lifestyle factors. This condition does tend to affect women more than men but it is possible for men to experience it too.

If you are concerned about your level of hair loss we recommend having a consultation, either in person or online, so that you can receive a professional diagnosis and appropriate hair loss treatment recommendations.

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