Demand for Hair Loss Treatment Rises in India and China

Multiple factors including rising levels of GDP and “an emphasis on looking good” are driving an increase in the number of people from China and India who are seeking out treatment for genetic hair loss.

According to a new report from New York-based Persistence Market Research, the Asia Pacific region as a whole is set to experience the fastest growth for products designed to treat male pattern baldness and its women's equivalent, female pattern hair loss, in the coming years.

The report states that more than 800,000 people are seeking some kind of hair loss treatment worldwide and makes the case that: “Changing lifestyle, along with an increase in stress levels among the working class population is expected to boost the demand for treatment of hair loss globally.”

Hair Loss in China Male Pattern Baldness Treatment Asian MenStress is part of the problem

The mention of stress as being part of the problem refers in this instance to the accepted wisdom that stress is a known accelerator of androgenetic alopecia in men and women who are genetically predestined to lose hair in this way. While it is unclear by exactly how much stress can speed up shedding, many experts believe that latent genetic hair loss can begin sooner than it may have otherwise when a stressful lifestyle is a factor.

In one report, stress as an accelerator of male pattern hair loss was thought to be especially problematic in India, where a study of 1,000 men with hair loss who were aged between 25 and 35 found that more than 80 per cent of them also had hypertension. The study, which took place in Bangalore, made the assertion that large numbers of stressed-out city workers (Bangalore is a progressive, high-profile city which has been named “India’s Silicon Valley”) were losing their hair.

In addition to this, local newspaper The Bangalore Mirror stated in a separate story that around 20 per cent of the city’s women were reporting thinning hair before they were 30. Doctors said they noticed that the trend was most commonly seen amongst women with stressful lifestyles.

The American report says that demand for hair loss products in India and the wider Asia region is being driven by multiple factors as well as stress levels, including a rise in geriatric populations, increasing disposable incomes, an emphasis on looking good, and also technological advances in treatment options.

Products for hair loss

These include clinically-proven products that have been licensed by the MHRA in the UK and cleared by the FDA in the US for treatment on male pattern hair loss (one of the products, minoxidil, can also be used on women).

Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Treatment Men Women Hair Growth Hair Care 360pxBelgravia hair loss treatment clients are based all over the world, not just in the UK, as we are able to send our products by mail or courier where this is permitted. Whilst we cannot send treatments to India at present, we are able to treat clients based in China. After completing an online consultation form and receiving their diagnosis, tailored hair loss treatment courses are recommended.

In addition to MHRA licensed and FDA approved treatments, further products known as hair growth boosters which are designed to maximise the hair's health and potential, may also be suggested to use alongside the established medications. These include an exclusive gender-specific hair growth supplement named Hair Vitalics, which contains key nutrients needed for men and for women to helps ensure the scalp receives highly-targeted, hair-friendly nutritional support. Additionally, clients are offered the HairMax LaserComb, an FDA-cleared device which stimulates the follicles.

As a general rule, the Asian hair type is not quite so prone to genetic thinning as western hair, but that still leaves many millions of men and women affected. In fact, the new data from the US suggests that in China 21 per cent of men have genetic hair loss, while the figure for women is six per cent.

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